Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check Out AbbaMart!

AbbaMart is doing something truly amazing for The Beauty Movement and all of the women who benefit from this amazing cause. is hosting a "Match Week" starting October 1st - October 7th.

For every purchase, they will "match" the purchase in a donation to The Beauty Movement!

Isn't that great?! This is only the beginning for us! We're going to change so many lives, and I can't wait for us to continue on this journey!

Click on the banner below to start shopping for a cause! AbbaMarts a lot of great beauty supplies, makeup brushes, and more! Their prices are low and their customer service is AMAZING, check them out!

Check out Abbamart on Facebook too!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Decor by Color

I recently stumbled upon this awesome blog called Decor by Color which basically consists of various blogs dedicated to all things arrange by color. They have Pink and Green Scene, House of Turquoise, and Pop of Red among others. You can find cool housewares, accessories, and more all in each color category. Fun! I found some really neat stuff in the House of Turquoise section and the Pink and Green Scene.

Check the blog out at

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Check out Kimberley's blog!

Kimberely from More Lipstick than Sense (I love that blog name!) is having a blog giveaway for a MAC shadow! Go check out her blog, follow, and enter. Yay! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bulk Candy at wholesale prices at

I'm a candy fiend! I love sugar, I can't help it. So for my birthday this year I decided to go for a candy theme. I got the idea for a candy themed party from, after taking a look at their selection and their prices, I thought "It would be so cool to have  Candyland themed party!" and so I did. They sell a variety of bulk candy like candy bars, rock candy, lots of yummy gummy candy, and more. I ended up choosing some party appropriate candy like Pink Rock Candy, Wonka Bars, Snickers, and these seriously delicious Strawberry Banana Gummy Rings. All of their candy comes in bulk sizes, so instead of buying candy 1 by 1, which can be expensive, especially when needing a lot of candy, like for a party, you buy the candy in bulk instead!

How yummy do those look? A Candy Store also has an impressive supply of lollipops! Their customer service was fab, and the shipping was really fast! I got my order in the summer, and even in the heat, my candy arrived just fine. The candy was packaged really well, no spillage, no real melting of products. Definitely an experience! I plan on ordering through A Candy Store for all of my bulk candy needs. Check their shop out if you have a sweet tooth or if you're planning your own party!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Erstwhile Vintage - gorgeous vintage on Etsy!

I absolutely adore all things vintage from shoes to clothing to handbags, I love it all. I love shopping for vintage pieces on Etsy, it's a great marketplace to find gorgeous retro and vintage pieces. We don't have many vintage shops around where I live, so I often browse online for hot picks, and Etsy is an awesome place to find some of these hot items. One of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy, is called Erstwhile Vintage. The shop is run by the very awesome Rae, who is super cool and hand picks every vintage item that she showcases in her shop. I received a AWESOME leather motorcycle jacket from Erstwhile Vintage, and i love it, it's one of my favorite vintage items that I own. A lot of her vintage items are in like-new condition, and she doesn't sell items that are too beaten up or have a lot of superficial damage, so I can feel confident while ordering from her shop. One of my other fav pieces from the shop is the cute handbag pictured above, the Ultimate Midnight Blue Oversize Hobo. So cute!! This would be a perfect piece for fall, and it's only $30. Here are some of my other favorite picks from Erstwhile.

A Little Bit Country leather heels / size 9

Long Winter Stormy Gray Sweater Jacket

1980's Glam Leather Jacket

Mod 80's Boxy Fuschia Dress / size 8

Super cute stuff, right? Love it! Erstwhile Vintage has great prices, most items are under $50. The shipping is fast also. Rae, the gal behind Erstwhile, has been buying and selling vintage for 15 years now so I feel like I can trust the pieces that she offers in her shop. She strives for quality pieces and she's selective about the items that she stocks in her shop. Many of the pieces are so stylish and fashionable, that it makes me not want to buy retail from stores are the mall or chain clothing stores. I love re-purposing vintage and retro items and Erstwhile totally makes that possible.

Rae is also a painter and jewelry maker, she hails from Portland OR and even has her jewelry available for purchase in the cute little Portland shop HAUNT.

Rae has her own jewelry line called Demimonde Jewelry. I love her jewelry! Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

You can shop these designs at

Be sure to check out all of the super cool vintage, and handmade jewelry pieces that Rae has come up with! For a special discount, message her on Etsy and let her know that you found her shop through my blog! Happy shopping!