Saturday, January 28, 2012

Etsy Spotlight: FawnSpots Jewelry

I'm a huge fan of native inspired designs, so I was instantly drawn to the Etsy shop FawnSpots. Their motto is "Fashion for the Free Spirit", which I just adore. Rachel, the creator of the shop, uses pretty feather, beads, and metal findings to create each jewelry piece by hand. Growing up, her stepfather was very much into native american designs, and owned his own leather shop where he would often stamp leather with native patterns, so he taught Rachel, and the rest is history! Rachel has a really nice and fun personality and she was so friendly and helpful when I asked her questions about her jewelry. Her prices are extremely fair also, as most pieces are under $50. One of her best selling products is her Single Feather Earring. She also makes custom pieces if you ask! She was kind enough to make me a custom single feather earring using turquoise that I requested, and she also made me a gorgeous custom pair of Native American Inspired Beaded Earrings!

Pretty, huh? The detail is so nice, that each piece definitely must take a lot of time to make. I also like that she was nice enough to use turquoise colors! I love how dangly the beaded earrings are, and the feather earring is a single earring meant for just one ear. Very unique and pretty! The feather earrings also have turquoise nuggets attached to the chain. She also makes really pretty Native American Inspired Feather Headbands and other native inspired items. Here are a few of my favorites from her shop:

Rachel was kind enough to give me and my readers a discount code! From now until Valentine's Day, you can receive 10% off your purchase with the coupon code FALLINGBRANCH01
Just enter the coupon code at checkout and the discount will apply. She will also refund the shipping prices on any purchase over $50! Happy shopping!

FawnSpots on Facebook:

Fawn Spots Shop on Etsy:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gorgeous earrings from RavynEdge

I found these beautiful Shining Fate earrings from the Etsy shop RavynEdge. Tiffany, the jewelry designer, creates lovely pieces that have both a gothic and neo-victorian look. She uses crystals, silver, and brass, and creates pretty pendants, rings, and earrings. Each piece is handmade and is so unique! I really like this pair of earrings because of the aqua stone, and I like the way that it looks as though the wing starts to go up the top of the earlobe. So pretty!

I adore these earrings, and they are even nicer in person! They come in a cute little black plastic glittered case for safe keeping, and they were packaged very nicely. Tiffany is also really friendly and offers fabulous customer service, offering customers their choice of stone color if they prefer a different color than what she has pictured.  Here are some photos of the earrings I received:

You can check out Tiffany's shop at Etsy:

Tight Tigers Milli in the Hood Hoodie

I first found this awesome Aussie fashion brand called TIGHT TIGERS sometime a few months ago, and instantly loved their cute line of fashionable hoodies, shorts, and tops. Fun colors, cuts, and even sequins! I got the fully adorable and fun (and sequin-y!) Tight Tigers Milli in the Hood Hoodie, pictured above. Cute, huh? Its heavy and plush and quality and doesn't feel cheap or flimsy, and it's chock full of sequins, offers a rounded hood and double sided front pocket. I didn't take photos of me in the hoodie yet, but here are some product photos I took:

TT storage bag!

It's even nicer in person! I really like the style, it's like a glammed up version of a modern comfy classic. This is one hoodie you won't look frumpy in. Check out the entire line of TT at!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lipstick Ring from Emi.ko

How cool is this ring? I am a lipstick addict, obviously. It's my favorite beauty product. I wear it every day, and my two signature colors to wear are red and bright pinks. So this adorable Lipstick Ring from the Etsy shop Emiko totally got my attention. The ring is laser cut out of acrylic, it's sturdy, and fits on two fingers. Super stylish and definitely will get noticed. I got this ring in a Red lipstick shade with a Clear mirror tube, but it also comes in Pink lipstick with a Gold mirror tube. It looks just like a lipstick! You can even choose your ring size so that it fits your fingers just right. I love the shape and the ring fits my fingers well.

So cute, right? I adore this ring! The other cool thing is that the acrylic mirror part that makes up the "tube" on the lipstick doubles as a mirror! It actually reflects light and you can even use it as a mini mirror, so you can check your own lipstick in your reflection without needing to pull out a mirror compact. So this ring is like two fashionable accessories in one! ;)

Emiko has a lot of cool products like customizable name rings, necklaces, and earrings. They take custom orders too!

I also like this cute little Anchor Pin:

and this Lightning Bolt ring:

Emiko has great prices, with most pieces being $20 or less, pretty good for customized jewelry! They also ship promptly and they have really friendly customer service. They were also cool enough to hook my readers up with a discount code! Deets below.

DISCOUNT CODE: Save 10% off any order from Emiko! Use the code "CANDY10" at checkout!