Sunday, June 21, 2009

Julie Hewett Review - Poppy palette, Chloe lip lush, Belle Noir lipstick/lip pencil

Poppy Palette

Before I review this specific palette, I just wanted to point out that Julie Hewett has some of the cutest palettes around. Ever. Also, you can have your own palette customized! [click the text for information]. Perfect gift idea or even for yourself. Definitely worth checking out. Anyway, back to the Poppy palette...this is adorable. This is perfectly designed for the spring/summer months! The colors range from a light pink eyeshadow ("Flora") to a creamy pink cheek and lip color ("Jami") to a peachy powder that looks gorgeous on the apples of the cheeks ("Clementine") and lastly, a light pretty pink gloss for the final touch ("Mimi")! Add a coat of mascara and the finished look is so soft: ethereal and pretty.


Chloe Lip Lush

[This lip lush was swatched on my sister's hand, she has warm undertones so that explains the change in the skin tones from the other swatches!]
This is such a pretty peachy color. It doesn't wash me out a bit, which is a huge problem for fair skinned girls like myself. THIS is the perfect peachy tangerine gloss that so many have been searching high and low for to wear during these warm summer months. This is it, ladies (and gentlemen)! Your search ends here. I highly recommend this.

Matching Lip Pencil in "Belle Noir"

The thing I love about this lip pencil is that it looks amazing on its own or under a lipstick or lipgloss. I have noticed with other lip pencils I have tried, they 'tug' on my lips as I try dragging them across to fill in my lip shape, but that is so not a problem with this. I love love love it. A definite winner for me. Not to mention that I adore the color! Check it out here!

Noir Collection Lipstick in "Belle Noir"

This was love at first swipe for me! Ohhhh my. Perfect for summer. It looks amazing with my fair skin and my red hair and really brings out the golden tones in my brown eyes. Wow. When I was picking out an outfit for my friend's 22nd birthday party, I actually picked out my dress and heels based on this lipstick! Needless to say, it was a hit! Check out "Belle Noir" and the rest of the Noir collection here!

Just for fun: Find out which of the lipsticks from the "Noir" collection you are!

Seriously, if you haven't already, PLEASE check this brand out! It's definitely worth a try!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lipstick Queen Glossy Pencils review

Honestly, what will Poppy King think of next? Just when I started to think the brand couldn't possibly get any better, it does. I love the sheer coverage of these pencils, you can use them as a base for a lipstick in a similar shade to make it go on a bit more sheer, or you can use them on their own and they look so fresh and summer-y!

I tried out "Thriller" and "Crime".

"Crime" is a very pretty hot pink, I was thinking it would be ultra sheer like described, but it actually shows the pigmentation close to M.A.C's "Big Bow" glaze lipstick (from "Hello Kitty" collection Feb 09)...although the wear and feeling of the glossy pencil is better than the glaze finish of "Big Bow". [Sorry, M.A.C!]

"Thriller" is a gorgeous pretty light red. This would be a 'safe' red for somebody who would like to try a red lip, but isn't ready to try out a super dramatic red lip! This is also great for a HUGE red lip fan like myself! It's a win-win pretty much, I don't think you can lose with this shade. It also happens to share the name of one of the most classic party songs of all time.

[Left: Crime, Right: Thriller]
{Swatched on the top of my hand}

[Left: Crime, Right: Thriller swatched on inner wrist]
{note: please excuse the monstrously large and prominent vein in my inner wrist!}

You can place your online orders here,
You can shop by region and find a store near you that carries this fantastic line!


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

MAC Naked Honey is now released!

MAC Naked Honey collection is here! Check out the lovely lipglass and the new honey salve. Available at MAC stores nationwide and at MAC Online

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Liptini/Nailtini = ♥

Dear MAC,
You have made my lips look amazing for the past four years I have been obsessed with you, and we have shared some wonderful times. I thought I would never find another lip gloss that could make me look and feel the way you did. So I'm not going to make this have to be any harder than it has to be. MAC, I'm sorry, but...your spot as my all time favorite lip gloss has been replaced. I'm sorry, but Liptini's Topper lip glosses stay in place and have amazing staying power, not to mention they don't feel sticky or tacky (like some of your lipglasses do). They also are so versatile and look amazing on their own or over a lipstick. I'm sorry, maybe we can still be friends?


But seriously, Liptini is now my favorite lip gloss brand. When my digital camera gets fixed, I will post swatches just so you all can gush with me on how amazing these products are!

Lip Liquer Lip & Cheek Stain - SoCo

This is a gorgeous coral stain! Corals look amazing with my hair color, so anything coral is bound to be a winner with me. The staying power of this stain is amazing, and the color is gorgeous and so easy to apply! If coral isn't the shade for you, there are ten other shades for you to pick from! You're guaranteed to meet your match!

Topper Lip Glosses = <33333333
[L to R: Cherry Fizz, Blue Flame, Crushed Ice, Vodka)

Cherry Fizz
Described as a "sheer juicy-red spiked with ruby shimmer", I completely agree. This is sheer enough to make your lips fresh and summer-y, but pigmented enough to wear on its own! This takes the place of my beloved MAC Lustreglass in "Venetian". The staying power of "Cherry Fizz" is better, the color is more pigmented and it's all around much prettier. This is my go-to sheer red gloss! This looks beautiful over pinks, reds, and corals. It also looks amazing on its own, which is a big deal for me. My lips don't have much natural pigmentation, so when I can say that I can wear a lip gloss on its own, you know the pigmentation must be amazing!

Blue Flame
Described as a "gloss with sheer blue-fire opalescence." When I first applied this, yowza! The blue fire opalescene really pops! This looks beyond amazing with hot pink/bright pink lipsticks. I love to sport this over Milani's Rose Hip and MAC's Girl About Town. You only need a little bit of product to get the full effect. That's another thing I love about Liptini's Topper lip glosses, a little bit goes a super long way!

Crushed Ice
Described as an "icy, frosted-pearl shimmer" lip gloss. The effect this gloss gives over lipsticks is out of this world. It really ignites the color underneath! I like to use this over red lipstick, the shimmery pearl effect looks great. If you have very pigmented lips, you could probably wear this shade on its own. My lips are very light, so I usually have to put this gloss over a lipstick.

Described as "ultra shiny clear gloss". This provides the shiny and glossy look for your lips. This can go over any lipstick, or can be mixed with another gloss! I like to use "Vodka" and "Cherry Fizz" together! If clear gloss is a staple in your makeup bag/traincase, you have to get this. You just have to! Some might say "What is so special about a clear gloss?". I will tell you what is so special about this clear gloss! Like the other Topper lip glosses, it stays exactly where you apply it. It lasts and lasts, feels comfortable on, and the shine it delivers is impeccable! This has MAC's Clear lipglass beat by a milestone!

Sugar Rim
Described as a "clear gloss brimming with opalescent shimmer". The last time I reviewed Liptini, I gushed about this gloss and recommended that any lip gloss lover should get one (or two, or three) of their own! Seriously, for the love of lip gloss, this is a MUST. This could work on virtually any skintone, and the effect is amazing. All of liptini's "topper lip glosses" stay exactly where you put them, there's none of that unsightly lip gloss migrating to your chin! I have many lip glosses, but this one is one of my top #5 favorites, because it's so versatile and the shimmer is gorgeous. I see flecks of blue, green, red, pink glitters. I love that the glitters are finely milled so they're not chunky or super noticeable. It's very subtle, but in that context, the subtle shimmer/glitter is what makes it amazing. There's not too little, there's not too much, it's just PERFECT.


And now onto Liptini's sister brand, Nailtini...
[L to R: Kir Royale, Tahiti Breeze, Sugar Rim]

Kir Royale
Described as a "shimmering hot ruby red". I can see some orange tones in this nail polish. This color screams "SUMMERTIME!!" It's soo gorgeous, even my mom likes it! My mom is pretty hip for 50 years old, so that goes to show you that people of all ages can use this! This can work on virtually any skin tone, and I think that every different skintone could really bring out something special about this color!

Tahiti Breeze
Described as a "shimmering turquoise". This color reminds me of the ocean. The color is so rich that one coat shows up beautifully, but it's really an eye-catcher with two coats! However, one is enough for some! This, like "Kir Royale" is definitely a summer color. I could see myself wearing this in the Spring too! Maybe even year round, because I love the ease in which it glides across the nail.

Sugar Rim
Described as a "special-effect top coat to add a splash of dazzling multicolor glimmer". And that is exactly what it is. It's like Sugar Rim for your lips! This can bring a matte polish to life with it's unmistakable glimmer, or it can revitalize an already stunning nail polish! Putting this over "Tahiti Breeze" or "Kir Royale", I stared at my nails for nearly 5 minutes just admiring their beauty. Even after it was dry, I would catch myself trying to catch a glimpse.

To find a nearby Liptini/Nailtini retailer, click here!
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Liptini/Nailtini, you have established a fan for life.