Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gem Lettuce Jewelry

I found this fun line of resin jewelry from Australia called Gem Lettuce! The collection features rings, pendants, and bangles. Each piece has a really fun shape and color, and some of the pieces have inclusions like glitter dust, stone grit or flowers! I got a pretty ring and necklace from Gem Lettuce and now I just want to collect the entire collection! My ring features gold shimmer dust, and is a pretty deep green color with teal stone grit. It's even prettier in person! I really want to get one of the pretty floral ring next, so unique and fun!

I also got this cute Mosaic pendant that is made of clear resin, with color green and yellow color swirled through and a piece of mirrored acrylic. Since the pieces are made of resin, they are really hard, sturdy, yet very lightweight! These pieces are really versatile and could be dressed up or down, and they add a bit of a unique and fun flair to any outfit.

You can check out more info on Gem Lettuce jewelry at or check them out on Gem Lettuce on Facebook

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jaime Baby Booty Boutique

Booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere! Whether you are a roller derby girl, or just a fashionista for a flair for the bold and fun, Jamie Baby's Booty Boutique has  stylish booty shorts to fit your style. Jaime makes each pair of booty shorts by hand, and has a lot of fun bold glittery and sequin fabrics to choose from. She also offers high waisted styles, ruched booty styles, and can even add numbers, a name, logos, stripes or shapes to your booty shorts. Her shorts are VERY well made, and she's currently working on creating leggings too! I was lucky enough to get a few pairs of booty shorts from Jaime's shop, along with a super special pair of her yet-to-be-released leggings! I'm not a rollerderby girl, I just love layering fun shorts under a tee and tights, or like a fun pair of shorts to take to the beach or even to hang out around the house in. No matter where you wear them, these shorts will get you noticed!

Jamie is so darn impressive. She has so much style and flair, and it really shows in her work. Each pair of shorts is made by hand, the fabric feels very high quality, and the stitching is awesome so these shorts are really strong and well put together. Her prices are amazing too, I have shorts from stores that cost twice as much and aren't nearly as nice as Jaime's. She knows style, she knows fun, and her talents merge the two together to create a boutique to adorn your booty with whatever fits your mood and style.

Here are a few pieces that I have from Jaime's shop, whether roller derby shorts or booty shorts are your thing, Jaime's got them, and she can even custom design you a pair using the fabric and shapes/style of your choice. She also offers sizes from XS to XL.





She also makes cute scrunched bottom shorts, as well as she just got in a new gold velvet fabric in stock! She custom made the lightning design on the back for me!

Ruched back



Here is a sneak peek of her leggings that she is currently working on and will be adding to the collection soon! These babies are SO new, they aren't even listed on her shop yet!

Super cute, huh? I love these designs, and have been thinking of a bunch of fun ways to wear these pieces. These are also great for dancers, and are so comfy you could even wear them as workout shorts, or as panties. She has sequin fabric, velvet fabric, and she even has a sparkle hologram fabric that comes in many colors!

All of her shorts retail between $25-$40, so affordable and a great prices for the quality and customization. Jaime also offers super fast shipping and she's really nice so she'll answer any questions you have and take care of your order quickly! Check out JaimeBaby's Booty Boutique on Etsy at

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Anna Siivonen Jewelry

Anna Siivonen jewelry creates really pretty handmade silver, bronze, and titanium jewelry. The designs are really unique and whimsical. Anna's pieces are all handmade and she makes earrings, necklaces, and other wearable art. I really like how her pieces stand out from other cookie cutter jewelry designs. She has Barbie Skull earrings, metal Seashell pendants, Bunny Rabbit earrings. She even makes cufflinks too. I recently got her Large Spider Earring, which is a single earring meant to be worn in one ear only. I really like the unique design of the earring, and it's made of titanium so it's hypoallergenic for sensitive ears. My earring came packaged in a beautiful teal box, and though Anna is based in Sweden, it only took about a week or so for me to receive my package in the USA.

I really like the detail of the earrings, and the fun spider shape. The two front spider legs are earring hooks and can be worn through your ear, while the other legs curl closed. The earring fits in the palm of your hand, and it's a really fun piece that gets a lot of attention.

The spider earring is made of copper wire and titanium, with the legs wire wrapped adding detail to the spider body. The metal is oxidized to give it a slightly vintage or steampunk look.

I also like this cheek Mature necklace:

and these Snowflake cufflinks:

and this Heart Speech Bubble bracelet:

Check out Anna's jewelry on Etsy at

House of Stilettos

I love heels, they're my favorite footwear. Usually the higher the heel the better, and I love fun bright colors like pinks and corals. I recently found this awesome shop called House of Stilettos that carries a variety of really cute heels of all styles and heel heights. They offer free shipping on orders over $60, and most pairs of shoes are under $50, with most being in the $40 range. So their prices are pretty great too. They also carry wedges, boots, and flats too, if heels aren't your thing. I recently got a pair of their Abigail Fuchsia Peep Toe Pumps, which are by the brand Quipid, and are a nice bright pink color with a peep toe, and cute ruffles on the heel.  They have 5 inch heels, with a 1 inch covered platform, and they have a smooth satin finish. They are also available in the color black if pink isn't your color of choice.

I got a size 7, and they fit really well. I love cute ruffle embellishment on the back of the heel! So fun and girly. These shoes are perfect for Summer weather. These could be dressed up with a cute mini dress, or dressed down for a shopping trip with a pair of skinny jeans and a top. They carry a lot of other pretty shoes too, here are a few of my favs:

House of Stilettos offers really fast shipping too! Check out their selection at

Twitter: @ChicStilettos

Dreaming with Jani - Jewelry by Stephanie Schult

Jewelry artist Stephanie Schult from Australia creates really beautiful polymer clay jewelry.  Her collection is called Dreaming with Jani. The designs are so pretty, colorful, and feature lovely textures. She creates bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces all made of clay in various colors and styles. I got one of her bracelets:

Pretty! It's made of turquoise and gold beads made of polymer clay and connected with a chain. Here are a few of my other favorite pieces:

Hard to believe they are made of clay! The detail is really pretty, and I like the vintage appeal to the pieces. You can check out the full jewelry collection on Etsy at

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hollow Book Co

I'm a huge bookworm, and normally the thought of cutting up a book sounds horrible to me, but these hollow book safes from Hollow Book Co are so cool! Based out of NYC, creator Richie, hollows out each book by hand to recycle a book into an actual safe. He hollows out different shapes into the pages of each book, and then keeps the pages together using a clear base that makes the pages hold their shape. You can hide money, makeup, and all sorts of other trinkets inside. I adore all things Harry Potter, so I saw that they have HP book safes and was super excited. I got one and it looks even cooler in person.

The detail is really great, and Richie even puts a magnetic closure just inside the front page so that the book has a bit of a snap closure and the lid doesn't open as easily. You could keep this book on your shelf and no one would even know that it's hiding some jewelry or cash. Really fun! He makes safes out of all types of books too, so there is pretty much something for everyone.

The prices are great too, every book is under $70, with most being around $49! You can check out the entire collection of hollow book safes from Hollow Book Co on Etsy at