Friday, December 31, 2010

Simply the Sweet Life

Check out Simply the Sweet Life, the awesome online publication about all things delicious and sweet. They're having a great giveaway too with lots of goodies including a cool apron and a KitchenAid mixer. Check it out @

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Philosophy Melting Marshmallow and The Gingerbread Girl

I love Philosophy, their products are great and their scents are unique and fun. I always love when they release products for the holidays. Some of their gift sets are so cute. Well, not only are Philosophy products great for pampering yourself, they make awesome gifts too. So I'm going to share two of my favoirte holiday Philosophy products that would make awesome gifts for you *or* your loved ones! First up, the ultra cute and cozy looking Philosophy Melting Marshmallow Gift Set. It comes with a 4 oz bubble bath/shower gel in the limited edition Melting Marshmallow scent, along with a matching 2 oz Melting Marshmallow Lotion, and a 5 oz Melting Marshmallow Lip Shine. The packaging is great, which is pictured above. It looks like a nice toasty holiday photo, but if you lift the top of the box, it opens up to show all of products included! I like the Melting Marshmallow scent, it's not overly sweet. I'm not a big fan of smells that smell sooo sweet that you feel like you're getting a toothache just smelling it, so this scent was good for me. It offered a soft vanilla scented marshmallow cream fragrance that was clean and slightly sweet. The shower gel is rich and thick and creates a great lather, it leaves your skin smelling lightly of marshmallow. By the way, this really smells like *real* marshmallow. Not the typical mass produced marshmallow scent/flavor that we find in grocery stores, it has more of a creamy clean fragrant vanilla mallow scent. Also, it has a hint of some sort of floral note that I picked up too, but that may just be from the lightly fragrant mallow scent. The lip shine is awesome! It's a sheer milky color but has shimmer to it, and looks great on it's own over bare lips, or adds a pop of sparkle over a lipstick. The lotion is thick and smooth, it absorbs nicely into the skin, and it leaves a nice soft fragrance of vanilla marshmallow behind. This cute set would make a great gift, and at only $22 it's a good deal!

Now comes my top holiday pick from Philosophy, Philosophy The Gingerbread Girl. If you're familiar with Philosophy, you've probably heard of The Gingerbread Man scent that they off. Well they recently released the brand new The Gingerbread Girl, which is similar to The Gingerbread Man. How is it different? Well, it offers some girl power with it's name, AND it offers a gorgeous shimmer in the shower gel! This shower gel can be used as bath gel too, or even shampoo! Philosophy Shower Gels are a great multi-tasking product. The formula is rich and creates a wonderful lather, so a little product goes a long way. Now check out this packaging, how cute is that?! A fun little Gingerbread house, with The Gingerbread Girl on the front. Unlike The Gingerbread Man, the formula isn't just translucent, it offers a lot of fine shimmery sparkle. It looks soooo pretty in the bottle! The shimmer will wash away as you use the gel, and the glittery shimmer is so fine that it will wash right down the drain. It smells so awesome too! To me, it smells more like real ginger, rather than gingerbread, but that makes me love it even more! It is slightly sweet and offers a spicy ginger note, smells very clean and crisp, not too artificial or fake smelling. It's awesome, I love this stuff! I would suggest this cute shower gel as a stocking stuffer or a gift for yourself or a friend! You can buy this pretty shower gel at for $16

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Make Up For Ever

Lipstick and Candy Holiday Gift Guide
{Hot Holiday Pick #1} 

Here are a few of my favorite holiday picks from Make Up For Ever!

False Eyelashes in 152 

Who Will Love It: Any glamorous girl, or the girl who likes to or wants to pump up the drama!
Why She'll Love It: What an outrageously flamboyant pair of lashes! I can't think of a cuter way to frame my peepers at holiday parties! They command attention, they say "Hey, don't take your eyes off of me tonight!" **Also featured on the cover of the Sephora holiday 2010 catalog!** You can find Make Up For Ever false eyelashes at Sephora!

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #44

Who Will Love It: The avid lover of a bold deep red lip, or the girl who needs more bold lip colors in her lipstick collection!
Why She'll Love It: Such a beautiful deep red shade, perfect for the holidays. This would be a gorgeous lip for day or night! It's so pigmented, one swipe of this lipstick delivers rich and opaque color! Very impressive staying power, definitely justifies the $19 price tag!
You can find Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick at Sephora!

Eyeshadow #4/Matte Black
Who Will Love It: Each and every person who uses makeup! It's a basic matte black shadow - how can you go wrong?
Why She'll Love It: Make Up For Ever has one of, in my opinion, the best eyeshadow formulas on the market! Super pigmented and easily blendable, ANY Make Up For Ever eyeshadow is an ideal gift...but everybody needs a basic matte black shadow! If somebody asked for the perfect matte black eyeshadow, I would recommend this before M.A.C's "Carbon". Don't get me wrong, I love me some M.A.C...but although it's a bit pricier than M.A.C, you get more product and in my experience, the pigmentation isn't even comparable! You don't need to pack it on as much to get the same color impact. Whether you're shopping for a minimalist (this would be a perfect black eyeliner), or a girl who loves smokey eyes (excellent base color), this truly is a great gift idea for even the most clueless shopper!
You can find Make Up For Ever eyeshadow at Sephora!

Rock For Ever Travel Aqua Eyes Set
Who Will Love It: Anybody! This set includes essential colors - black, grey, bronze, gold and silver!
Why She'll Love It: The packaging is really cute! When the package caught my mom's eye, she said "ooh, I like that!" The package itself is detailed, with a cute metallic raised design that is full of bronze, black and silver spheres/diamond shaped details that spell out the word "ROCK". You could even take the eyeliners out and use the container for something else, it's *that* cute!
You can find Make Up For Ever Rock For Ever Aqua Eyes at Sephora!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crush Of The Moment: Sephora Collection Sequined Lip Clutch

How adorable is this?! It's so me!

I voiced my love for it and my dear friend Z bought it for me for Christmas!
Now I'll have a purse to match my blingin' red lips at holiday parties!