Thursday, November 29, 2012

Etsy Spotlight: Kerala Jewelry

Have you heard of the beautiful jewelry line Kerala? Shawna Alexander, the designer and creator of the Kerala line, creates each pair of earrings by handmade. She makes gorgeous chandelier earrings in a variety of lengths, using gemstones, Swarovski crystals and gorgeous beads. Each pair of earrings evokes a romantic and glamorous flair of old Hollywood. I got a pair of her Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings made of fire opal, AB swarovski crystals, and beautiful metal filigree. Shawna hand sets and hand paints each pair of earrings, and makes each piece with a lot of love and patience. Each pair of earrings is made with hypoallergenic ear hooks. These earrings are gorgeous in the photo but are even prettier in person!

Each pair of earrings comes gift wrapped in a cute leopard print cardboard box wrapped in a tulle ribbon. Pretty and great for gift giving! I just adore these earrings. Kerala earrings are a little addictive. I have my first pair, and am already making a wishlist of other pairs that I'd like to add to my collection. Her prices are fantastic also! Low pricing for the quality and unique designs. I've seen lesser quality earrings go for double the price. Kerala has earrings in every price range so you can afford a pair to enjoy even if your budget is small! Shawna has a great eye for detail and really has a talent for creating eye-catching jewelry pieces. She's also very friendly and has very good customer service. I highly recommend shopping at Kerala for your jewelry needs this holiday season, as Kerala is quickly becoming one of my very favorite Etsy shops!

Here are a few of my other favorites from Kerala:

Mint Green Teardrop Flower Earrings
Victorian Chandelier Earrings
Ornate Butterfly Earrings
You can check out the entire line of beautiful earrings at the Kerala Etsy shop!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jewelry Spotlight: Beads of Aquarius

Mouna Marini creates gorgeous handmade jewelry that is not only eye-catching, but exudes a rich beauty that merges French romanticism with colorful intricate detail. Mouna creates each piece by hand in the French Riviera, and she puts so much love and time into each piece. Her jewelry line, Beads of Aquarius is quickly gaining popularity because of Mouna's eye for detail and her natural talent that shines in each piece. She's even designed pieces for women who attended the Emmys! Each statement piece is like a miniature work of art, and uses crystals, beads, fringe, and soutache to create intricate designs that are truly one of a kind. She creates earrings, bracelet cuffs, necklaces and cocktail rings.

I have a pair of earrings from Mouna's line, the Beads of Aquarius Statement Chandelier Earrings that feature Swarovski beads, in a pretty pink and cream soutache design with a gorgeous turquoise blue fringe tassel. The earrings are stunning, and eel and look so quality to the touch, the photos do not do the earrings justice, they are even prettier in person!

I am such a fan of Mouna's work! She is such a wonderful lady too, and so very nice. She wraps each piece in tissue paper and packages it in a tulle black drawstring bag, perfect for gift-giving! Any piece from the Beads of Aquarius jewelry line would make a great gift idea for any lady in your life who loves beautiful jewelry. The earrings touch my shoulders, and can be dressed up for date night, or dressed down for a day of shopping. These earrings are so versatile, and they features gold earring hooks, and the earrings themselves are backed with a soft cream suede material. Her jewelry would also make great bridal jewelry for the bride-to-be! Here are a few of my other favorite pieces from Beads of Aquarius:

Mouna's jewelry exudes beauty and art while making you feel so special while you're wearing her jewelry. Pieces range from $40 to $1,000 depending on each piece. You can check out the entire line of Mouna's jewelry at Beads of Aquarius Jewelry on Etsy.

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