Saturday, August 27, 2011

Twin Syndrome High Rise Panties

I love browsing Etsy for fashion and beauty, and I recently found these awesome and unique high rise panties and thongs from Twin Syndrome. Each pair of panties is handmade using a comfy stretchy bamboo jersey and stretch cotton that hugs your curves. I love these cute panties because they remind me of pin-up style lingerie. They offer High Rise Panties and High Rise Thongs. They come in sizes Small through Large and fits up to a 47" hip. The material is soft and smooth and feels great on the skin, and it comes in cute colors like Red, Purple, and Gray.

I recently got a pair of the Twin Syndrome High Rise Thong in Purple, and they are super cute! They are cut really well and fit like a glove, without being too tight or bunching up. They're great for layering under a T-shirt or top so your panties don't stick out the back of your pants, and they're also comfy for lounging around in.

Each pair of this stylish panties are $21.93 and they offer really fast shipping. Twin Syndrome is a Canadian brand and they offer wonderful customer service as well. You can even buy a 3-pack of thongs or panties for just $53! Check out all of the designs are

SALE: Hurry! They have their discontinued Striped color on sale for only $16 right now!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lidabri Cuturally Inspired Handbags

I adore browsing Etsy for creative shops and fashionable pieces that stand out from the crowd. I recently found this beautiful shop that carries culturally diverse handbags with a modern twist. Lidabri uses latin, carribean and african culture to design pretty pieces that are both stylish and fun and make great accessories for fashionistas of today while also staying true to flavors of ethic heritage. They make crossbody bags as well as clutch handbags using authentic colorful Mola (fabric that is used to create clotching that Kuna women in places like Panama wear). No two Mola fabrics are the same so each handbag is one of a kind! Here is the beautiful clutch bag that I got from Lidabri handbags.

Front of the clutch
Inner part of clutch and metallic snap closure
Inside of clutch pouch and a zipper picket with Lidabri logo
I adore my bag. The black with the fringe and the metal studs adds a modern flair, while the stitched Mola adds a gorgeous ethnic touch. The creator behind Lidabri, who creates each piece, was nice enough to tell me a little bit about her products and the feeling behind her brand.

"My inspiration is derived from my personal Latin, Caribbean & African culture blended with contemporary elements. It's important to introduce different cultures to people while making it fashionable. Being born & raised in Miami's diverse melting pot has also had an essential impact on my creativity. As far as prints go, I am intrigued by the Mola and it's dynamic history. 

The Kuna Indians of Panama's San Blas island hand make this colorful, reverse embroidered art. I am mostly drawn to the Molas with the black backgrounds; the colors definitely pop more with such a strong contrast! Each Mola print is one of a kind & each collection can be considered a limited edition. These Mola handbags are more of a collector's item as well as conversation pieces.
It's all exciting for me to share & design into the Lidabri line!

These beautiful bags are quite a eye catcher, I've even had compliments when others have seen my bag. Lidabri's bags are very affordable too, with clutch bags priced at only $40 and crossbody bags for only $60. Lidabri also offers fast shipping, and the customer service is wonderful! I am so impressed and highly recommend this shop to anyone who adores handbags and who would love a fashionable piece that will stand out from the crowd. 

Check out what richly cultural and beautiful bags that Lidabri has for sale on on Etsy:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My lip gloss from Cliche Cosmetics is still for sale!

My limited edition lipgloss from Cliche Cosmetics is still available for purchase! $10.50 a tube!

Made Her Think Pointed Tears Earrings

How cute are these earrings? I've been interested in Made Her Think jewelry  for awhile now and recently got my first piece from their jewelry line. The Pointed Tears Earrings are beautiful and unique, with a Swarovski crystal inverted into a metal prong with a danging gunmetal tear drop shaped pendant. Cute, edgy, modern, and pretty all rolled into one. These can be dressed up or down, paired with a cute mini dress, or even a top and jeans. Made Her Think also makes rings, necklaces, handbags and even jewelry for men. MHT is also a favorite among celebrities. These earrings retail for $97 and you can find them at