Monday, March 11, 2013

REVIEW: Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lipsticks in "Pastille Violet" and "Pastille Lilac"

My best friend knows I'm a makeup junkie. During one of our last text conversations, she was talking about walking around in Sephora during a break from classes and noticing a brand called Bite Beauty for the first time. She texted me and asked me if I have ever heard it, and if I have, if the products are any good. I responded with a resounding "yes!", and began rattling off my favorite products. After I name-dropped the "High Pigment Matte Pencil", she mentioned that the pencils caught her eye. I'm a huge fan of bold shades (like "Poppy", "Tart", and "Zinfandel" for example), but she prefers neutrals/natural looking shades so I recommended a few of the natural looking shades that I'm familiar with. Chablis is one of my favorites! It reminds me of the pretty natural looking shade that adorned Kate Winslet's lips in "Titanic". I can recommend Bite Beauty to my best friend with confidence, just as much as I can recommend Bite Beauty to my readers.

Meet the newest addition to Bite Beauty: Matte Creme Lipsticks! There are currently four shades of this new formula: Pastille Violet, Pastille Lilac, and Pastille Rosebud. They are $24.00, and you can find these beauties at Sephora!

Pastille Violet is a beautiful magenta. I was always afraid of purple lipsticks until about 2 years ago. I took the plunge, and haven't looked back. This shade is great for somebody who loves purples (like me), or somebody who is looking for their first purple. In my opinion, Pastille Violet leans more on the pink side of purple rather than the blue side - which is cool, because I actually prefer pink-toned purples more than blue-toned purples. I love the finish of these colors, it leaves behind a healthy looking sheen. I'm so glad Bite Beauty decided to churn these babies out, I love them! These shades are delightfully opaque after just one swipe! $24 is a great investment for a lipstick of this (gorgeous!) color/texture/overall quality.


Pastille Lilac is such an incredibly saturated pink. I'm especially drawn to shades of bright pink. In my opinion, when it comes to pink; the brighter, the better. Pastille Lilac is very comfortable to wear, neither too dry or too moist. I knew I would love this shade even before I got my hands on a tube! This lipstick would be a fantastic "statement" shade if you follow the "playing up either eyes or lips" rule, or even with black kohl rimmed eyes and false lashes if you're a rule breaker (like me!) ;) I love wearing shades like this, year round. On my lips, Pastille Lilac shows up as a cool-toned pink. Like Pastille Violet, this shade is extremely comfortable to wear: the perfect balance of color opacity and moisture.