Friday, May 27, 2016

Biore review

I adore Biore. They are my go-to pore strip, and have been for years. They're affordable, work well, are easy to use, and are available in drugstores, so you can have clean pore no matte where you are! I tend to get clogged pores pretty often, but these strips are seriously ultra cleansing and do a great job of grabbing onto oil and residue that clogs your pores. Peeling the strip off once it's completely dry, is super easy, and I can see a serious difference even just after one strip. I like to keep these handy, and include them in part of my skincare routine.

I like to apply, and while waiting for the strip to dry, listening to some music or watch Netflix. I've tried more expensive higher end brands of pore strips, but these work just as good if not better ;)

Blog Update

I'm been on a bit of a blog hiatus, but I'm back and ready to start blogging beauty again! Stay tuned for new reviews and swatches soon :)