Friday, March 23, 2012

Teana Fashion

Beverly Teana loves to create fun and fashionable pieces that can be worn and mix-matched with various other pieces in your wardrobe. She makes jewelry, fun glasses, tops, and even leggings. Her shop TEANA carries some super cute stuff! I recently got a pair of her leggings (they are handmade, and made to order!), a pair of her HK inspired glasses, and a cute two-finger ring. Her prices are pretty awesome too, just about everything is under $40. She even has other goodies like hand embellished shoes, and one of a kind scarves. Her pieces add an affordable and fashionable flair to your outfit.

These adorable White Star Black Leggings are so cute! I just got them and am already thinking of fun ways to dress them up or down, mixing both casual pieces and designer pieces. Each pair of handmade, and comes in a One Size sizing. They're stretchy and are semi-sheer when stretched. These would look so cute under a tunic top or a mini skirt!

Her Hello Kitty style glasses come as plastic pink glasses frames (without lens) that have a fun little "whisker" detail on each side, and a pink bow affixed to the corner. Adorable!

You can check out Bev's entire collection and shop at

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kzenyia Bags: Sharp Clutch & Wild Clutch

I recently saw a few gorgeous bags and wallets from a fashion designer Kzeniya. Her gorgeous bags are the talk of the town in Hollywood, and I've seen them all over the internet too. Kzeniya was born in Ukraine and then moved to London to pursue her love of fashion by studying at London's St. Martin's College. She has even worked for Alexander McQueen! Kzeniya has an eye for style and she really hows to to merge unique designs and shapes and bold colors to create stunning bags that are both eye-catching and fun.

I recently got a Kzeniya Sharp Clutch and a Kzeniya Wild Clutch. Both clutch bags are really fun and unique. Sharp is a fun clutch with an asymmetrical top flap closure, while the bag is made of leather and treated with a special holographic print. It's bold and so fun! Wild is a really gorgeous envelope clutch bag that features a black and white design and has black and white printed chains on both sides. Each bag comes in a black dustbag for safe keeping.

Kzeniya dust bag covers

Kzeniya Sharp Clutch in Black/Silver Hologram

Kzenyia card that comes in each bag

Kzeniya Wild Clutch - Black/White w/ Chains

Inside of the Kzeniya Wild Clutch

Kzeniya's pieces are all so pretty, definitely the type of bags that will get you noticed. Jennifer Lopez was spotted with Kzeniya's Asymmetrical Clutch recently, and Elizabeth Banks was spotted with the Kzeniya Wild Clutch in Black. I love so many of her designs, and hope to add more Kzeniya pieces to my wardrobe in the future! Here are a few of my other pieces from her collection:

Kzeniya Ai wallet

Kzeniya Sharp Clutch in Gold

Kzeniya Asymmetrical Clutch in Black

You can see the entire collection of bags at! You can also like Kzenyia on Facebook or check out the Kzeniya blog for celebs wearing Kzeniya.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Atlana Marie jewelry

I love the water and surfing, the ocean holds all sorts of interesting things and natural beauty, so when I saw these gorgeous Blue Howlite Sterling Silver earrings by jewelery designer Atlana Franz's collection I was smitten. These earrings remind me of a wave! She makes beautiful pieces by hand and all of them are really unique and fun. I recently got a pair of the earrings above, made in a pretty gold color.

I love the bright blue of the howlite and the hand-shaped wire is gorgeous! These earrings measure about 3/4 of an inch in diameter and can be dressed up or down. Atlana's jewelry line Atlana Marie features bangles, earrings, rings, and necklaces. Each piece is striking and beautiful, with intricate detail and pretty colors. She doesn't mass produce her jewelry, so what you see is what you get. She hand forges each piece in her jewelry studio to add a unique and pretty touch that you don't see in costume jewelry that can be bought at everyday fashion shops.

Here are a few of my other favorites from her line:

Fuchsia Quartz Sterling Silver earrings

Handwoven Amethyst Ring

Ruby and Peach Stacking Rings

Rose Gold Hammered Bangles

You can check out Atlana's entire jewelry collection at her Etsy shop!

Monday, March 12, 2012


I recently heard about this jewelry collection called BambooPink, which offers a variety of rings, necklaces, and earrings. They have a fun versatile earring idea, where they sell various colors and shapes or hoop earrings, and then sell various colors and styles of charms. You can slide any charm onto any earring hoop, and voila! A cool new pair of earrings, that you can change up with different charms to fit your style for the day.

The packaging is awesome and eco-friendly too. Each pieces comes in a reusable pink tulle pouch, and it all comes wrapped in a pink/black striped cardboard BambooPink box! I got two of their cute leather bracelets, a black and a pink Madrid Leather Cuff.

I also got a few different sizes of their hoops and a variety of BambooPink charms, like the two pictured above. Cute! I like that I can change up the charms, so I could make one pair of hoops last me all week, just switching out a different charm each day for a new look! You can find a variety of fun jewelry pieces and check out the entire collection at!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ghost & Lola jewelry

Tweet tweet! Spring is in the air, so I am totally smitten with this cute birdie ring from jewelery designer Ghost & Lola. Ghost and Lola jewelry is based in Australia and creates really gorgeous jewelry pieces that are mixed with vintage findings and new modern elements as well. They have an array of jewels that have a bohemian flair and I am crushing on quite a few pieces for Spring and Summer 2012. I recently got the cute Ghost and Lola Sky Ring, which comes in either a blue or black finish, and features a chunky vintage bird with a brass flower. The ring has an adjustable band and can fit any finger of your hand that you'd like. The ring is a bit heavier than other rings as the detail isn't cheap or flimsy, it's sturdy and gorgeous!

So cute! Here are a few of my other current favorite G&L pieces:

Ghost & Lola on Facebook:
Ghost & Lola on Twitter: @GhostandLola

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alynne Lavigne Jewelry

Canadian based jewelry designer Alynne Lavigne makes really pretty statement jewelry pieces. She creates fun and modern styles that be dressed up or down and will fit a variety of states and personal styles. I recently got a pair of her earrings and one of her necklaces and they're so cute! I got this pretty steel bibbed necklace:

I also got these fun and edgy brick earrings:

She really knows how to create fun pieces that can complete an outfit. I have the pretty gold plated brick earrings, and the silver steel bib necklace and they are definitely fun pieces that get compliments. Alynne merges contemporary design and functionality in her jewelry collection to create some pretty pieces that look fantastic when worn day or night!

You can check out Alynne's entire jewelry collection at!
Twitter: @alynnelavigne_

Monday, March 5, 2012

Gemma Lister jewelry

Gemma Lister, UK jewelry designer, makes some super cute collar necklaces that are perfect for Spring/Summer 2012. I adore this pink sequin collar that can dress up any outfit, or be worn with a pretty dress for a night out on the town, you can also layer the collar over a blouse to create a collared shirt effect. So cute!

Gemma also creates really fun jewelry pieces such as her best-selling Square ring that fits over your finger diagonally to create a fun 3D effect. The ring is sterling silver base with gold plating. I recently got this ring and it's gotten me a lot of compliments!

This is a photo from British by Design that shows how the ring fits on your finger:

Really cute, huh? Gemma makes all sorts of fun and girly accessories that will be fabulous for the upcoming warmer months! Check out Gemma's full line of jewelry at, or like  Gemma Lister on Facebook. She also has a blog at

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Booty Heart Jewelry

I love finding unique jewelry on Etsy that stands out from the crowd, so when I found a shop that creates pendants out of stainless steel, colored concrete, and glass, I was instantly smitten. Booty Heart Jewelry by designer David Garay, fuses feminine beauty, nature, and gorgeous colors and shapes to create pretty jewelry pieces that are meant to inspire and intrigue. Each piece of jewelry is handmade, and the steel pendant is created by hand by David, who then fills the shape with his own mixture of non-toxic colored concrete and crushed glass. He sands the material to make it super soft to the touch and so pretty! I loved his jewelry line so much that instead of just getting one piece, I got three different pieces. The Turquoise Asymmetrical Heart, the Purple Crescent Moon, and a Petite Heart Pendant in a Coral color that David custom created for me.

David is incredibly nice and was kind enough to make a coral color for me so that I could have exactly the color pendant that I wanted. AMAZING customer service, I cannot stress that enough. He went above and beyond to make sure my order was filled quickly. Each pendant is hand made to order, so it takes about a week for the pendant to be created and mailed, but he keeps you updated throughout the entire process. Each pendant really is one of a kind. The concrete/glass mixture looks really awesome too and these pieces will definitely get you noticed with their unique design. David makes several different heart shapes, as well as heart rings, moon pendants, and other fun pendants like a ladybug, strawberry, and cloud. Each piece comes nicely gift wrapped in a pretty heart shaped tin!

Pretty huh? I definitely plan on buying more from Booty Heart Jewelry in the future. Each piece is so unique and stunning, and the pieces are affordable too with most items being less than $60. David is constantly adding new shapes to his shop and he's always adding fun new colors, and he even takes color requests and can custom make you a color also. He mixes in clear or colored glass in each pendant, but he can also mix-in mirrored glass pieces upon request. Here are a few of my other favorite items from David's line:

BootyHeart Butterfly Pendant
BootyHeart Strawberry Field Forever Pendant
BootyHeart Passion Fruit Heart Pendant
BootyHeart Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Bracelet

Each piece is like a gorgeous mini work of art! Each piece is really well made, and isn't cheap plated metal like a lot of jewelers use to cut corners and reduce cost. David uses real stainless steel and concrete, pieces that are meant to last you for many years to come rather than tarnish and crumble apart. I haven't seen such workmanship in a piece of jewelry in a very long time, I am so impressed and thrilled that I found BootyHeart jewelry and can't wait to add more pieces to my jewelry collection!

You can check out David's online shop on Etsy at