Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hot Handbag: Mary Frances Graceland

I have been lusting after Mary Frances handbags for awhile now, so when I got this super cute bag above, the aptly titled Graceland, I was beyond thrilled. I love cute bags, and Mary Frances is known and loved for creating unique and exquisite handbags that are both eye catching and versatile. Each hand bag is handmade and beaded and jeweled until it resembles something that you'd LOVE to wear on your arm. When I saw the Mary Frances Graceland on the website, I thought it was so pretty and I liked the cute little playful Elvis tie-tin with the name, but once I saw the handbag in person I literally gasped. It truly looks like a work of art! I took a few photos to try and give you an idea of what this bag looks like in person rather than in a stock photograph.

With the shoulder strap that looks like a guitar strap!
See the beautiful shine an sparkle of the beads and jewels!
Looks just like a guitar - notice the jeweled pick-ups, the strings, the tuners.
Inside view of the bag, comes with sleeves and plenty of room for goodies to take for a night out on the town!
The bag is beautiful, it's very intricately designed, and each jewel and detail is so pretty. I feel really luxurious when i use this bag and everyone comments on it. The bag comes with an Card of Authenticity to show that it is indeed an original Mary Frances bag, it comes with a Mary Frances dust bag to store the Graceland, it comes with a small packet of beads just in case one of the beads on the bag falls off. The back of the bag, you'll find a magnetic closure that is hidden by what is supposed to be the neck of the "guitar". If you open the magnetic flap, the bag opens up to give you plenty of room for your wallet, makeup, and other essentials. It has a pocket inside too, which is perfect for storing your cellphone or cash, concert tickets, or metrocard. I adore this bag! I am seriously hooked on all things Mary Frances now. She really goes beyond making handbags, in my opinion, she makes wearable art! Check out a few of her other bags below. I've yet to get any more Mary Frances bags, but when I do I'll be sure to share photos and my opinion with all of my fashion loving readers. By the way, Mary Frances also makes mini handbags and accessories like belts and necklaces.

Mary Frances "Social Butterfly" Belt
Mary Frances "Rockin Romance" Necklace
Mary Frances "Mini Random Act" Mini Handbag
Mary Frances "Happy Hour" Handbag
Super cute, right? Unlike any other hand bags on the market. I love all of the detail that goes into making each bag a one of a kind piece of art. Fashionable, stylish, and ahead of it's time, Mary Frances designs are stunning! I want to collect them all! ;) Mary Frances bags are big with celebs too, with celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears wearing her bags.

Check out the entire Mary Frances Handbag Collection at, the bags are in the hundreds price range with most being around $200-ish. Honestly for how amazing these bags are, they are worth it. I've seen bags on the market that are a lot less artistic and unique go for double that, so Mary Frances, you now have a new fan. My wardrobe thanks you!!


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