Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sugar Scout Couture

Sugar Scout Couture makes really bad ass jewelry. The fun shapes and colors of their earrings and headpieces really stands out and adds a funky flair to any outfit. I recently got a pair of their Sugar Scout Diamonds earrings, pictures above, and they are awesome. I love big loud earrings, and these bad boys hang against my shoulders! The earrings are lightweight though, so they don't weigh your ears down. They're made of plastic with a silver metallic coating. So fun!

I also got a pair of their awesome Sugar Scout Kara earrings, that feature a long rectangle shape of square shapes and a black chain at the top they they dangle from. Totally cute! I love that you can dress these earrings up or down to fit your outfit and mood. They also carry a lot of other fun earrings, and they even make really pretty headpieces made of chain that look awesome and are all the rage in the fashion world right now.

The packaging is cute too! Each piece of jewelry comes in a fun metallic drawstring bag. Here are photos of the packaging and earrings below.

You can totally re-use these bags or use them to store your jewelry!

Love the fun diamond shape of these earrings

I like the slightly mirrored effect of the silver colored finish.

Here are a few of my other favorite pieces from the Sugar Scout line:

Sugar Scout Goddess Headpiece

Sugar Scout Axil earrings

Sugar Scout Mila earrings

You can check out the entire line of Sugar Scout Couture Jewelry at OfficialSugarScoutCouture.com, you can also check out their blog at http://sugarscoutcouture.blogspot.com and follow them on Twitter @SugarScoutC

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Thanks so much for the post! Can't wait to see how you style the pairs you got! xo