Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: OCC Lip Tar Nylon, Radiate, Narcissus, Ophelia, Stalker

Ever since I launched my blog in 2009, I have regularly featured the vegan (and gluten free!) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. OCC launched some new amazing shades recently - the Sephora exclusive even brighter than Anime neon pink "Nylon", and the punchy coral red "Radiate". I stalked the Sephora site every few hours to see if "Nylon" was up yet, and had my card ready and waiting to order.

Before the launch of the Sephora exclusive OCC Nylon Lip Tar, "Anime" was the brightest pink I owned. "Nylon" is even brighter than Anime! It's exactly what I hoped M.A.C Candy Yum Yum lipstick would be; in terms of application, pigmentation and overall quality. It's one of my favorites! There are tons of photos circulating the internet of swatches of "Nylon" on various skintones and I can honestly say this color looks amazing on pretty much every skintone. "Nylon" is currently only available at Sephora.

Radiate is my current go-to and favorite coral ever. It has definite warm red tones that make this color super flattering. I loved the way it looks next to my hair! I swatched "Radiate" without a liner to show the color in its true form. My lips are annoyingly pale, so the color is quite accurate. One of my favorite things about OCC is that what you see, is exactly what you get. Although "Radiate" is a fairly new lip tar, it has already earned a spot in my "Top 5" favorite lip tars. It's the perfect coral color. I will be using this year-round, not just during the Spring and Summer months. "Radiate" is very similar to one of my other favorite OCC reds, Harlot.

I usually opt for a bright blue based shade, rather than a pale blue based shade but Narcissus reminded me of a modern take on the "mod" pale lip look. There is something very 60's bombshell about this shade. I think this would look amazing with smokey eyes, or a nude eye paired with smokey liner lots of mascara. Lush lashes + pink lips are always a winner in my book. I consider "Narcissus" a good training wheels bright pink, it's significantly tamer than Nylon but with a nice kick of bright pink. I plan to wear this with a golden bronze-y or brown smokey eye, an alternative to the usual grey/black smokey eye. The thing I love about lip tars is that they are so customizable, but I never notice any heaviness or the icky feeling of product "build-up".

Ophelia is described as a petal pink, and the color description is spot on. It's even paler on me, due to minimal pigmentation in my lips. I usually alter "Ophelia" with a neutral pink lipliner. One of my best friends is getting married soon, I think she would LOVE this for her wedding day! Everybody has their own definition of what they consider "nude" or "natural"; I consider this shade to be in my top natural looking shades, perfect for daytime and also an excellent choice to balance out dramatic eye makeup.

Stalker is my favorite red from OCC. I have ever red ever released by OCC (except the limited edition Valentino and Red Iron Oxide). I love all of them for being amazing, but this amazingly perfect femme fatale shade is truly after my own heart. It's the perfect blue-based pin-up red and I will re-buy and re-buy for as long as it is available.


Vicky Hoang said...

These shades looks absolutely gorgeous on you!!!

I own strumpet, harlot, and queen! I cant wait to get more :)

Nikki said...

I am thinking of getting an OCC lip tar and leaning towards Ophelia. Thanks for the swatches they help.