Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lipstick Queen Glossy Pencils review

Honestly, what will Poppy King think of next? Just when I started to think the brand couldn't possibly get any better, it does. I love the sheer coverage of these pencils, you can use them as a base for a lipstick in a similar shade to make it go on a bit more sheer, or you can use them on their own and they look so fresh and summer-y!

I tried out "Thriller" and "Crime".

"Crime" is a very pretty hot pink, I was thinking it would be ultra sheer like described, but it actually shows the pigmentation close to M.A.C's "Big Bow" glaze lipstick (from "Hello Kitty" collection Feb 09)...although the wear and feeling of the glossy pencil is better than the glaze finish of "Big Bow". [Sorry, M.A.C!]

"Thriller" is a gorgeous pretty light red. This would be a 'safe' red for somebody who would like to try a red lip, but isn't ready to try out a super dramatic red lip! This is also great for a HUGE red lip fan like myself! It's a win-win pretty much, I don't think you can lose with this shade. It also happens to share the name of one of the most classic party songs of all time.

[Left: Crime, Right: Thriller]
{Swatched on the top of my hand}

[Left: Crime, Right: Thriller swatched on inner wrist]
{note: please excuse the monstrously large and prominent vein in my inner wrist!}

You can place your online orders here,
You can shop by region and find a store near you that carries this fantastic line!


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Rere said...

lol i didnt even notice the vein til u said that u silly. i wanna try these, where do u get them?

Anonymous said...

I am hooked on Lipstick Queen! Chinatown is my new obsession, but Medieval will always hold a dear place in my heart!!

Rere, they have them at Barneys & Bendels & a bunch of boutiques all over. Check the stores page on the website or you can even order them online at!