Monday, November 9, 2009

Eyeko mascara review

This mascara is a part of the limited edition Eyeko Couture line so if I were you, I would get my hands on this baby before it's gone for good!

First of all, I love the packaging. Purple is one of my favorite colors and I love the little silver design on the tube. It's so pretty and very nice to look at and it looks beautiful in my train case. Now I'll describe the actual beauty of the product result, rather than just the container...

I love the design of how the wand comes out of the tube, usually I find myself having to wipe off the wand with a tissue because most mascaras tend to deposit way too much product on the wand! But then when I wipe it, all that extra product gets wasted! However, when I pull the brush out, it kind of does that part for me but there's no product waste! It gives you exactly what you need and you can add more, but there won't really be any waste at the time of application. That factor alone made this mascara stand out amongst the others I have tried.

This mascara passed my 'side view' test. Before I continue, I should probably explain that little test I conduct of mascaras. After I apply mascara, I hold a mirror to the side of my head and I look at my eyelashes from a side view. "Magic Mascara" passes the 'side view' test. You should try it out for yourself the next time you apply mascara, it really does help. Sometimes when I don't have a mirror handy but want to see how my mascara is holding up, I snap a picture with my camera phone of my eyelashes from a "bird's eye" view. Eyeko's "Magic Mascara" did very well with that test as well. I highly recommend this.

Check out Eyeko's website here!

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Nik said...

They sent me that too, I LOVE IT!