Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sp3ctrum review

I love when a brand not only delivers high quality products but also gives back to a cause. A childhood friend of mine had an autistic brother, so I really think it's awesome that 30% of proceeds from purchased items marked as "ɐ spectrum" go to Autism Research & Education! Way to go, sp3ctrum! Okay, now I'll get onto the review:

Oh snap, I think M.A.C pigments have some serious competition! I was convinced no other brand would tear me from my beloved M.A.C but I think Spe3ctrum might be my 'pigment' mistress...These pigments feel so light on your skin and can be used as a highlight, used with a damp brush for an eyeliner, an all-over wash of color on your lid, or even in your crease to add depth and dimension! I love the fact that even people with the most sensitive of skin can wear these gorgeous pigments, I know so many girls who have chronic skin problems and they want to wear makeup but most makeup irritates their skin. Of course, I was far from shy from spreading the word to them...and now let me spread the word to YOU!

You can browse by color family, and/or by your eye color!
Check out the full list here!

From L to R: Caution, Midas, Go!, Glacierz, Mocha Mojo

Seriously, how gorgeous are these colors?! Caution is a perfect stand alone yellow color, I love to use it for inner corner with my green eyeshadows. Midas tops Caution beautifully adding the most gorgeous golden sheen imaginable. Go! is a stunning frosty turquoise. Have you seen (discontinued) fan favorite M.A.C eyeshadow in Parrot? Okay, take that color and add about 100x watts of beautiful light sheen and there's your color! Glacierz is a gorgeous light blue that reminds me of Cinderella's light blue gown after a visit from her apparently stylish Fairy Godmother! It makes a gorgeous wash of color on my lid and pulls out the golden flecks in my light brown eyes! Mocha Mojo is a stunning color. When I first swatched it on my hand, I was in LOVE. I mix a pinch of it with my mineral bronzer and the effect it gives to the apples of my cheeks is out of this world, like intergalactic chicness!

I tried taking swatches of these gems with my cell phone camera because my digital camera broke, but that does NOT give it justice. If you would like to see some swatches, check out Niki's awesome review.

Check out Sp3ctrum ASAP! Put checking out this brand at the top of your "beauty to-do" list!


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Oh Ash how I've missed you! Thanks for the link to my blog!

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