Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fashion Crush: Nicole Lee USA Sade Handbag

I love handbags, so when I saw this cute Nicole Lee Sade Handbag I knew I had to have it on my arm this summer ;) The Sade bag is a cute oversized satchel that comes in a cute blue color, a teal green, black, and brown, which is the color that I have. It's really roomy inside and is perfect for shopping trips, a beach trip, or just hanging out with friends. It features two pouches inside, one that has a zipper and one that is perfect for a cellphone or iPod. I love this purse so much! I just got it last week and I've already been taking it everywhere I go. Even my mom loves this bag!

The front of the bag features a pocket with flap that locks with the Nicole Lee closure. This pocket is roomy too, the whole bag is great for those who like purses that are spacious inside. The lining inside of the purse features the Nicole Lee logo, and the sides of the purse on the bottom feature large silver eyelets.  I like the wide area where the zipper is, the wider area makes the bag opening larger when you open it up which makes it easier to dig through if you lose your sunglasses or your lipstick ;) I love the quality of the bag, it feels like a luxury item. Most bags of this quality retail for a couple hundred bucks, but this bag is only $89 at! I really love the leathery feel of the outside of the bag, and it feels sturdy and well made. Some purses I've had in the past, including my Betsey Johnson hobo bag, make me feel like I need to be fragile with the bag, but this bag made me feel confident that it would hold up to being carried around and traveled with. I adore this bag so much! I might have to get another one as a back up, or try one in another color. What do you think? Are you a fan of Nicole Lee handbags?

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