Saturday, June 4, 2011

My bestie's blogging!!!

Okay so my bestie started her own blog, and it's sooo cute!

It's called "Paint Me A Love Story" because it combines two things she loves: the song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, and nail polish. Just like my title reflects something I love now (lipstick) and something I loved back in the day (those minty sticks that are packaged in what looks like a cigarette carton), hence the name "candy cigarettes".

Anyway, please check out her blog Paint Me A Love Story!



The Beauty Group™ said...

Following you and following her! Excited to see both your new blog posts every week :)

Would you mind following me back?


D.Sadie said...

This is so nice of you to help her. =) I'll check out her page. I'm also following yours, hun. Hope you follow back.


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