Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wig Salon Review: I feel like Joan Jett!

I have always wondered what I would look like with black hair. I thought about dyeing my hair black a few times but decided against it when I realized how hard it would be to restore my hair back to red (the color I usually dye my hair) if I didn't like it. That's partly why I have taken such a recent interest in wigs: fun and fashionable styles without the commitment and upkeep of hair coloring/styling. The Runway Fashion wig by Forever Young from caught my eye almost immediately; a slightly choppy layered wig with bangs. True Black was on the list of available colors so I thought this would be the chance to try out black!

I posted some of the pictures to my personal Facebook page and my friends LOVED it. A few friends even asked me if I dyed my hair and kept telling me they couldn't believe I dyed my hair black and that they loved it! I would say that equates excellent quality of the wig! I did grey/black smokey eyes with sparkly purple lips, and then I switched to a deep berry lip color later on. I felt super cool sporting my "new" black hair and a leather jacket, my mom said I looked "completely different" but she loved it.

The wig is made of synthetic fiber, but it feels pretty close to real hair. It doesn't look or feel cheap, you can even brush it! It can also be washed with a mild shampoo in lukewarm water, but must be air dried. However, excessive exposure to heat could damage the synthetic fiber. This wig is amazing for the price, and WigSalon shipped promptly and the customer service was top-notch (something I look for in any type of company/business). This style also comes in other natural colors. 

You can check out the Runway Fashion wig at Wig Salon for $37.95 (it originally retails for $70.00), oh and they also offer FREE SHIPPING!

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