Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lipstick Ring from Emi.ko

How cool is this ring? I am a lipstick addict, obviously. It's my favorite beauty product. I wear it every day, and my two signature colors to wear are red and bright pinks. So this adorable Lipstick Ring from the Etsy shop Emiko totally got my attention. The ring is laser cut out of acrylic, it's sturdy, and fits on two fingers. Super stylish and definitely will get noticed. I got this ring in a Red lipstick shade with a Clear mirror tube, but it also comes in Pink lipstick with a Gold mirror tube. It looks just like a lipstick! You can even choose your ring size so that it fits your fingers just right. I love the shape and the ring fits my fingers well.

So cute, right? I adore this ring! The other cool thing is that the acrylic mirror part that makes up the "tube" on the lipstick doubles as a mirror! It actually reflects light and you can even use it as a mini mirror, so you can check your own lipstick in your reflection without needing to pull out a mirror compact. So this ring is like two fashionable accessories in one! ;)

Emiko has a lot of cool products like customizable name rings, necklaces, and earrings. They take custom orders too!

I also like this cute little Anchor Pin:

and this Lightning Bolt ring:

Emiko has great prices, with most pieces being $20 or less, pretty good for customized jewelry! They also ship promptly and they have really friendly customer service. They were also cool enough to hook my readers up with a discount code! Deets below.

DISCOUNT CODE: Save 10% off any order from Emiko! Use the code "CANDY10" at checkout!

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