Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rock Beauty

Rock Beauty makes really fun nail, lip, eye, and body cosmetics that are easy to use and so much fun! Easy to apply body tattoos, press on nail colors, nail decorations, and more! I got some awesome Nail Rock and other Rock beauty products recently and they are really cute! I got some temporary tattoos, a Rock Beauty kit that comes with a temporary tattoo, nail, and eye designs, as well as some really fun Nail Rock decorations, including some holiday designs!

The packets of temporary tattoos are fun and easy to use, and even come in glittery designs! The Rock Beauty Disco Kit comes with bright eyeshadow strips, nail strips, and glittery temporary tattoos. Everything to have fun with bold decorations to go along with your makeup! You can watch a video tutorial of how it works here.

I also got some super adorable Nail Rock sets that come with nail glue and super cute little nail decorations. These decorations are 3D rather than a flat sticker or decal, these are actual tiny little decorations that can be applied to your nails after you polish them. Super cute embellishments!

Cute! The Nail Rock designs are really unique and fun, and make adding decorations to your nails so much fun. The decorations are easy to apply and glue to your nail on top of your nail polish.

Check out the entire line of Rock Beauty Nail Rock products available for purchase online!

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