Wednesday, August 28, 2013

REVIEW: Bite Beauty Cuvée Creme Lipstick

While beauty brands are regularly churning out new products, it's awesome to know that there are great quality brands devoted to lips. Bite Beauty has you covered from various color formula options (shades that pack a pigmented punch like High Pigment Matte Lip Pencils to a sheer kiss of color Lush Lip Tint), to Line & Define Lip Primer for all your priming needs, to Whipped Cherry Scrub and Superfruit Lip Butter to keep your lips in tip top shape. Bite Beauty is definitely not a brand to overlook at Sephora online or at a freestanding Sephora store.
I got to try some of the lipstick formula Bite Beauty Cuvee.  Swatches below!

Coral is such a fun shade. On my lips, Coral tends to lean on the pink side. I'm definitely not complaining, pink or red based corals are my favorite kind. I don't follow the usual color trends (only vampy colors in Fall/Winter and only bright shades in Spring/Summer). I personally believe that you should wear whatever color you want, whenever you want. This is similar to High Pigment Matte Pencil in Corvina, but with a creamier finish and overall texture/feel on my lips. I love how moisturizing these are!

Rose is a really pretty saturated red color. I can't get over how moisturizing these are. I'll admit; I have applied these lipsticks with less than super smooth lips and by the time I removed them, my lips were a lot softer and smoother. The pigmentation is amazing. I like to apply 2-3 coats in general with most lipsticks, but even a single coat of this delivered bright and bold evenly distributed color. You will never ever have to worry about patchiness with Bite Beauty lipsticks.

Note: At the time this review was initially written, the Cuvee Creme Lipsticks were available as individual shades. Sephora has since changed the availability, and the colors are available in a four shade gift set. The gift set includes Coral and Rose (swatched in this post), Blush and Blanc (two natural/neutral shades). It's a great way to try the Cuvee Creme formula while also trying out shades from separate color families.  The set is available at Sephora for $72.00

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