Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: Mixed Chicks Spring Hair Bands

I have been wearing these in my hair non-stop lately. The multicultural haircare brand Mixed Chicks, just came out with awesome new hair accessories called Mixed Chicks Spring Bands. These hair bands are made of a super stretchy plastic material that holds your hair in place without pulling your hair or tangling your hair. Awesome! I often hair problems wearing my hair up in a elastic band or clip because it causes my hair to get tangled or gives me knots, not to mention, it often pulls my hair and can yank strands out. No fun! These hair bands from Mixed Chicks are different. They are comfy, lightweight, super stretchy, and they work on all hair types! They're available in cute colors like pink, blue, and yellow too. Each pack comes with 5 hair bands and is available at Mixed Chicks for only $3

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