Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My favorite lipstick brands

MAC makes some of the greatest lipsticks around. I love the assortment of finishes available: AMPLIFIED CRÈME, CREMESHEEN, FROST, GLAZE, LUSTRE, MATTE and SATIN.
Most of my favorite MAC lipsticks have an Amplified Creme finish. I love that none of these finishes feel the least bit drying, I don't even notice much of a drying problem with Matte lipsticks like I have heard mentioned before with other brands. However, if you are one of those people who notice a lipstick feels dry, that can always be remedied with a thin coat of lip balm!
Favorite shades: Girl About Town (Amplified Creme), Port Red (Frost), Russian Red (Matte), See Sheer (Lustre), So Scarlet (Amplified Creme), Lollipop Loving (Glaze)

Poppy King is a genius, and definitely has earned herself the title of a "Lipstick Queen"! I love the formula of the Saint/Sinner lipsticks! I would gush about the glosses, but I'm trying to stick to the topic of lipstick in this entry.. I think it's awesome how each shade has a sheer/opaque twin. I love the pigmentation of the Sinner and Saint lipsticks! The Saint lipsticks are sheer, but definitely give enough color. "Saint Rose" has become a day and night color for me, it's so versatile! The colors are so rich and pigmented. I don't notice any drying at all with the Sinner lipsticks, and the Saint lipsticks are extremely moisturizing from what I have noticed during my regular use of the lipsticks. This brand definitely is up there with M.A.C! Whenever I don one of these shades, I feel like a queen. A "lipstick queen". If you haven't tried Lipstick Queen yet, I highly highly highly recommend it. This brand will always have my 'red kiss of approval'!
Favorite shades: Saint Rose, Medieval, Natural Sinner

I am in love with the Sheer Tint Lip Color! The lipsticks are scented with a yummy mix of caramel and vanilla. This is definitely the perfect lipstick for somebody who prefers a tube of gloss over a tube of lipstick. The color is sheer, but definitely leaves a touch of gorgeous color! The moisturizing properties of these lipsticks are out of this world. There are seven shades available, and you can mix two or more colors to create your own custom lip color. I like to mix "Alina" and "Vendela", it's a great daytime shade for me! I'm a fan of bold lip colors, but I consider "Vendela" (sheer rosy nude) as the perfect nude for me. That says a lot because I'm not really a 'nude lips' kind of girl! The packaging is a shiny silver case, and it locks close so you don't have to worry about the top falling off and smearing lipstick all over the inside of your purse! It's very time consuming to scrub red lipstick out of the inside of your purse...I should know, it's happened too many times! If you're looking for a super sheer, yummy smelling and moisturizing lip color, check "Becca Cosmetics" out!
Favorite shades: Vendela, Alina, Estella

These lipsticks are unbelieveable. The pigmentation is so rich and the lipstick just glides onto your lips with such ease! There are so many colors available to choose from, and the price is so affordable! Milani is perfect for somebody who doesn't want to sacrifice vanity in these rough economic times! It's hard to believe that this awesome brand can be found in the cosmetics aisle of your nearest drugstore [try Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid]!
Favorite shade: Rose Hip (#07) I have only tried this one so far, but I will definitely try more in the near future!

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