Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make Up For Ever 25th Anniversary holiday kit

How cute is this mini Aqua Eyes collection?

It comes with five shades that are very very very wearable. I love the fact that each of these colors can be worn on a daily basis as a part of your day-to-night beauty routine! What I love best about this set is the staying power. After I swatched each shade on my hand, it took several times washing my hands to remove any traces of color (considering it's waterproof, haha), this stuff is going to stay exactly where you put it!

- 0L Black: How can you go wrong with black eyeliner? Especially when it has the MUFE signature smooth creamy texture? Make a clean line, or smoke it out, either way, this has you covered as long as you smudge before it has time to fully adhere to your skin!

- 21L Dark Grey: This is a new shade! It's a gorgeous smokey charcoal grey. This is a PERFECT alternative to the traditional black smokey eye liner. This would also make a terrific base for a smokey eye if you want your makeup to last for several hours with no worries about touch ups. This stuff does not budge once its applied and has time to adhere to the skin so be sure to smudge quickly!

- 12L Blue w/ green highlights: This color is not your typical run of the mill blue, you actually can see the green in it! It showed up as a shimmery blue turquoise on me when I first swatched it. The color reminds me of dc'd M.A.C eyeshadow in "Parrot" in Aqua Eyes eyeliner form! I think this would look fabulous with any eye color!)

- 4L Shimmering plum: Oh my goodness, attention: Brown eyed girls, THIS will probably be quickly become your favorite purple eyeliner EVER. This pulls out the golden hues in my brown eyes. I can imagine that this would look awesome with green, hazel, or blue eyes as well...but purples and greens tend to be my favorites when it comes to eye colors because they really make my brown eyes pop! I lightly dotted this between my lower lashes and it gave me a very subtle but funky effect. You could see the purple and it was totally appropriate for the day-time but can also be stepped up a notch for the later hours!

- 23L Champagne: Perfect pale shimmery highlight color. Due to the pencil form, it's easier to highlight the inner corners of your eyes than with a brush -in my opinion/experience. Another way I also like to give the illusion of a full eight hour sleep, is to trace underneath the arch of my brow and quickly blend so there's no harsh shimmery line. I'm not sure why, but I just look more awake when I do that.. I love to achieve an 'ethereal' look by lightly tracing my lower lash line with this, and highlighting my cupid's bow. I know technically it's an eyeliner, but I get many uses out of this pencil/color!

The holiday is just around the corner, so if you're looking for a last minute gift for a beauty junkie, this is definitely worth your consideration!

Check out this mini set on Sephora!

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