Saturday, January 30, 2010

MAC Dazzleglass swatches + Brigette's Boutique!


Hey everyone! Long time no post, eh? I've been busy working on some reviews and adjusting to all of the new year stuff that has come along. I wanted to tell you all about this amazing online boutique that I recently stumbled upon. Brigette's Boutique! Brigette's Boutique offers wholesale cosmetics to consumers. Their prices are amazing! They offer fabulous brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Lancome, Smashbox, Dior and more! I love browsing all of the beauty brands. There are so many great deals! The fabulous folks at Brigette's Boutique were so kind to send me four MAC Dazzleglass glosses to check out. I am so head over heels for these colors! I love MAC, it's one of my fav brands, and I'm a fan of Dazzleglass (Love Alert is one of my fav shades) to begin with, but I was really psyched to try some colors I've never had the chance to check out before.

I was sent: MAC Dazzleglass in Miss Dynamite, Rags to Riches, Money Honey, and Rue D' Rouge. Miss Dynamite is a warm shade with a lot of copper and orange glitter undertones, the actual color of the gloss is semi-sheer, but with all of the glitter, it really makes up for the lack of color in gloss, which actually makes it quite pigmented! Rags to Riches has a silver pink quality that also has a blue/purple opalescence to it. It really "pops" when you apply it to the middle of your lower lip. Money Honey is a neutral pinkish color with a lot of glitter, it's very sparkly and so pretty. You can wear it over a lipstick, but it looks fab on bare lips too. I really like wearing it over a lipstick. Rue D' Rouge is Love Alert's warmer sister. It's a gorgeous pinky red that is highly pigmented, even more so than other Dazzleglasses that I have tried, so you could definitely rock this shade all on it's own. It looks gorgeous over MAC Ruby Woo lipstick too!

Sorry my picture quality is so bad right now! My digital camera seems to be acting up so I had to take these photos on my cell. Please bear with me! Below are swatches of the Dazzleglass colors. From top to bottom: Rue D' Rouge, Money Honey, Miss Dynamite, and Rags to Riches. You can see just how pigmented these colors are! Now that you've seen how pretty the colors are, you might be wondering, how the texture of the gloss feels? The texture of these glosses has the typical Dazzleglass feel, it is sticky and tacky to the touch, but it's not bothersome at all to me. I enjoy the feel on my lips and find that it has staying power. I adore these glosses!


Curious to try some of these MAC Dazzleglass glosses for yourself? You can find them all at Brigette's Boutique for $12.50-13.50! Thats a great price since Dazzleglass retails for $18 from MAC. So you're saving a few dollars, which means more cash to spend on *more* makeup! Brigette's Boutique, thank you for your awesome selection and stellar prices. Forget diamonds - *you* are a girl's best friend! ;)

*Special thanks to Brigette's Boutique for sending me these products to review!


Anonymous said...

Ooh they have such awesome brands!! I really like that Rue D' Rouge Dazzleglass. WANT.

Nik said...

What a great site you found Ash!