Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's Your Virtue?


I recently came across this really cute brand called What's Your Virtue? I loved the name of the company and when I found out that they offer a fun line of lipglosses, I knew I had to find out more. What's Your Virtue is a company started by three friends, all of whom believe that true beauty starts from the inside out. They decided that they wanted to offer cosmetics that were inspiring and fun for women/girls of all ages. That's how What's Your Virtue? was born! Tired of seeing beauty products with suggestive names, they wanted to come up with a brand and products that even their teenage daughters could be proud of. That's why all of the What's Your Virtue? glosses each have an inspiring name!

From left to right: Kindness, a pretty peachy color. Generosity, a bronzed color. Wisdom a lovely deep red. Simplicity, a clear gloss for a more natural lip. Devotion, a pretty baby pink. Curiosity a fun vibrant pink. 
I really like these glosses. They come in acute tubes that are packaged in circular plastic containers that look similar to display cases. I also love the inspiration and motto behind this brand. Special thanks to What's Your Virtue? for allowing me to review these glosses for them. I'm smitten! :) You can try your own What's Your Virtue gloss of choice for only $12 a pop over at the What's Your Virtue? online shop.

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