Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LUSH Butterball and Vanilla Delite

This is my first of two LUSH reviews. This post is going to contain two extremely yummy bath and body items from LUSH that smell like delicious vanilla! These two items go together wonderful, but before I rave about them as a pair, let me tell you a little about my experience with them solo. The LUSH Butterball bathbomb is amazing! This bathbomb is large, definitely the size of a small orange. It's not one of those wimpy bahtbombs that are so small you need to add 4 or 5 of them to your bath water. No way, one LUSH Butterball is so fantastic and big that you could break it in half and use it for two baths if you'd like. I chose to try out my LUSH Butterball by dropping the entire bathbomb in the tub, and watching ti fizz and whirl around my hot bath water. It turned my bathwater a light creamy color, almost like frothy cream soda. The slightly musky and sweet vanilla aroma was awesome! I could smell it as the bathbomb was dissolving in my tub. The bathbomb didn't really make bubbles, since it's meant more for scenting and moisturizing rather than adding bubbly fun. Butterball is a lovely off-white color, and it has tiny little chunks of cocoa butter in it! So as the bathbomb dissolves you will see little pieces of cocoa butter float off of it and slowly melt into the water. I couldn't believe how moisturizing this bathbomb was! I had used bathbombs in the past, but this felt like a bath of royalty. My skin felt so soft and moisturized as I was laying in the tub. I kept getting whiffs of the sublime vanilla scent, and I could feel the skin softening oils and butters in the bathbomb do some serious work on my dry skin. By the time I got done soaking in the tub and got out to dry off, my skin felt renewed. it felt soft and smooth, and I could still feel the moisturizing ingredients on my skin as they absorbed. I am so sold on this bathbomb! Now I know why everyone loves LUSH bath bombs, they truly are awesome! I need to buy a huge stock of these Butterball bathbombs and I definitely look forward to trying other LUSH bathbombs in the future!

After drying off completely and marveling at my new velvety smooth skin, I decided to lather on some of the LUSH Vanilla Delite Lotion. it was love at first whiff with this lotion! It's has a very nice vanilla scent, but a true vanilla scent, not an artificial one. This smells of real vanilla beans and a sweet creme brulee type of scent. It's really a beautiful fragrance! It's not boring old plain vanilla lotion, this is truly like dessert for your skin! it's like a creamy vanilla sugar custard. The light texture of the lotion feels divine, and it absorbs really nicely without making me skin feel sticky or greasy afterward. it's also really moisturizing and full of cocoa butter and softening oils. I love this lotion! I applied it to my feet, my legs, my arms and hands, as the yummy aroma wafted up to my nose. I found this scent to be very relaxing and comforting. No other lotion has made my skin this soft, and I have tried many lotions in the past. LUSH Vanilla Delite is a keeper in my book! I also found that it made my skin smell so yummy paired with the ingering scent of the Butterball bahtbomb still on my skin. I need to stock up on this lotion because at this rate my bottle will be gone in no time. I <3 LUSH!


Part II of my LUSH reviewing coming soon...
I'll be reviewing Flying Fox Shower Gel and Celestial Facial Moisturizer!

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