Thursday, February 11, 2010

LUSH Flying Fox and Celestial Moisturizer


Mmm, Jasmine! That is what you smell when you take of whiff of LUSH Flying Fox Shower Gel. This thick shower gel is a sweet honey color, and is made of honey and scents like Ylang Ylang and of course, Jasmine. This shower gel includes the three most popular PMS alleviating ingredients. I get super bad cramps during that time of the month, so I was really drawn to the fact that this shower gel might help my mood and hence my general feeling of ickiness while I'm PMSing. I have heard some people say that they don't like the scent of this shower gel, so I really think it comes down to whether you like the scent of Jasmine or not. It's floral and pretty and rich, in my opinion, and I actually do like the scent. it can take awhile to get used to if you're not used to such a specific scent, but when you lather this shower gel up in your shower and you smell the fragrance on your skin it's really light and pretty. I like the texture of this shower gel and I found that a little goes a long way. This shower gel has a bit of a sexy scent to it, especially since it contains Ylang Ylang which is an aphrodisiac fragrance, and I found the smell to be quite intoxicating. Once again, it all comes down to your scent preferences. I like this though and it makes me want to try other shower gels in the future since I know the shower gel is high quality!


After washing my face and getting all clean in the shower, I decided to try the LUSH Celestial Moisturizer. This moisturizer is good for sensitive skin, which is why I chose it. I have a thyroid condition so my facial skin can be dry and even red at times, so I like to use products that are sensitive. This moisturizer is made of vanilla water and almond, and it smells yummy. It has a clean scent but smells a little milky and is fragrant of light almond. I found the scent to be really awesome in a facial moisturizer. The texture is great too, it's light and creamy, and my skin absorbed it quickly. I didn't really notice it leaving a greasy residue behind unless I slathered it on. A little goes a long way with this product, so if you use too much, it can make your skin feel a little greasy. As long as you use this properly, and use a dime sized amount (which is really all you need) you probably won't have that problem. I highly recommend this for those with dry skin. There is oil and moisturizing butters in this moisturizer though, so if you have oily or problem skin, you may not like this product. It hasn't made me break out, nor has it made my skin feel greasy or oily. A lot of times when I sue moisturizers, my face feels dry again after a few hours. This is not so for me when I use LUSH Celestial, it actually made my skin feel hydrated and moisturized hours later. It is a small tub of product and some people might think the container is tiny for the price, but like I said, a little goes a long way. Not to mention, the moisturizing properties are worth it, in my opinion. I'd rather spend a little more money on a product that I know works well, rather than buy a cheaper product that isn't as moisturizing or one that affects my skin badly. I also like that LUSH products are handmade, so each batch is fresh when it is packaged. The sticker on the product that shows who created the batch that your using cracks me up, I like that added little personal touch. My only issue with this product is that I wish it were glycerine and paraben free, which it's not. If LUSH could work on that, I'd be a very happy girly. I really like my Celestial moisturizer, I've been using it for days now and my skin really seems to appreciated the adding love and pampering that this facial moisturizer provides. 

*Special thanks to LUSH for providing me with these samples to try. My opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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I love the bath bombs @ Lush! They fizz and smell so great.... perfect for when you just need to unwind in a soothing bath.