Friday, August 20, 2010

Indulge N' Spoil

So I came across a cute little online shop that carries skin care products, hair care products, and cosmetic brands such as M.A.C, Bath & Body Works, and teeth whitening products for a brighter and more beautiful smile! There is a pretty impressive selection of M.A.C items available (including highly sought after MSFs like "Blonde", "Brunette", "Petticoat" and "By Candlelight" for a few examples!). There is also a nice little selection of fluidline eyeliners and discontinued paint pots! The customer service is wonderful, Tommy (the shop owner) is awesome! The shop specializes in discontinued items, and for all of my fashionistas reading this...they also carry authentic COACH handbags!! Plus they offer FREE shipping within the USA.

Frostlite Fluidline Eyeliner
This gorgeous shimmery off-white cream eyeliner is now discontinued :( But it is available at Indulge N Spoil for less than you would find it on the popular online auction website, eBay! This eyeliner is so pretty, and it makes an excellent shimmery eyeshadow base to add a soft and pearly glow to any eyeshadow added on top. I love layering Shroom eyeshadow on top of Frostlite, the result is absolutely beautiful. You can blend MAC Frostlite on your browbone for a stunning highlight, and it works wonders on the inner corners of my eyes - instantly making me look more awake and refreshed! I also sometimes use Frostlite on my waterline to complement my brown eyes. I think this is a M.A.C Fluidline that everybody should have in their collection, because it is very versatile (just like M.A.C Vanilla pigment!). In fact, Frostlite is referred to as Vanilla pigment in a creamy formula according to the customer reviews on!

Greenstroke Paint Pot
This product is no longer available at, and it is also discontinued by M.A.C. However, a little birdy told me that this paint pot is available at certain CCO's, so be sure to check out your local CCO for this beauty! It's a gorgeous pearly minty green. Minty greens look fabulous on nearly every eye color, and it contrasts beautifully against golden brown eyes. Everything about this paint pot is absolutely perfect; the texture, the formula, the longevity of wear, the color, everything! I fell in love with Taylor Swift's eye makeup in her "Teardrops On My Guitar" music video and searched high and low for a similar color and tried many different shades but could never find the perfect shade with the right texture/shimmery finish. This is IT. This is everything I was searching for, and I can't wait to do a "Teardrops On My Guitar" inspired look!

Here are some product swatches of these two products:

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