Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Albanese Candy review - 12 Flavor Gummy Bears, Chocolate Gummy Bears, and Gummi Peach Rings

Look at this amazing assortment of yummy candies I got to try out recently. My blog *is* called Lipstick AND Candy after all ;) I have been hearing so many great things about Albanese Candy, home of the World's Best Gummies! I'm a huge fan of gummy candies, especially gummi bears. I recently tried out these treats from Albanese: Gummi Peach Rings, 12 Flavor Fruit Bears, and Chocolate Gummy Bears. They were soooo yummy. This picture does not do the candy justice, they might look fab, but they tasted even better.

The Gummi Peach Rings were my favorite! They were so fresh and soft and gummi. Not sticky, not too firm, not too mushy, just right. The rings are a yellow and orange color, with a very fruity fresh peach flavor, then coated with a layer of sugar. They are delish! Soooo yummy. I couldn't get over how fresh the candy was, so yummy, the bag did NOT last long ;) The cute little package that the candy came in was awesome too, it even had a freshness seal, so you can munch on the gummies and close the bag for later. IF the gummis last that long... :)

Next up I tried, the 12 Flavor Gummis. They offer fun flavors like Granny Smith Apple, Grapefruit, Concord Grape, Watermelon, and 8 other yummy flavors. The gummies were fresh and soft and yummy. Not "stale" or too hard like some gummy bears, these bears were moist and chewy and delicious. I also loved the bright colors, and the cute little details on the front of each gummy bear. I also thought the flavors were super cool, I've never had a banana flavored gummy bear...until now. It was hard to choose a favorite flavor, but I really liked Granny Smith Apple, Cherry, Orange and all of the rest. I shared this bag with my sister, since she adores gummies just as much as I do, and she thought they were really tasty too, and liked the Lime flavored gummies a lot.

I also tried the Chocolate Gummi Bears. Just for the record, I was already a huge fan of chocolate covered gummi bears, they are one of my favorite candies, so I was really excited about trying this variety. Usually Chocolate Gummies are hard to come by, either they taste bad because of low quality chocolate, or the gummi flavor is very artificial and the texture is too stale. This was NOT the case with the Albanese variety of chocolate gummi bears. These were SO good! In fact, these were the best chocolate covered gummi bears I've ever eaten. The soft chewy gummi bears were fresh and fruity, and the chocolate that covered the bear was creamy and yummy! It didn't taste like "mockolate", you know that fake chocolate coating used on most novelty candies. This chocolate tasted like the real thing! It's not a super thin layer of chocolate, it's a nice amount of chocolate coating the bear, not too much not too little, it's just right. These were so good! I could have eaten 3 more bags, if given the chance ;)

I definitely need to try more candies from the Albanese Candy Confectionery! You can check out their online store and order candy there, or find a local shop that may carry candies from the Albanese brand. They even have a factory in Indiana, where the company is based, where you can get a tour of the candy factory! So if you live in IN, you can even shop their candy outlet shops. They're also a family run company that has been in business for almost 30 years.

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*I was provided with a sample of the products from Albanese Candy, however the opinions expressed in this review are my own!

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