Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shine Candy & Co.

Ugh my wireless connection has been in and out for the past week, but I should be back until it decides to stop working again! haha. 

Since I'm all about promoting the works of art made by some very creative people, here is yet another store I think you all will love: Shine Candy & Co.

This is the pair that first caught my eye and brought my attention to Shine Candy & Co.

Lady Gaga guitar pick earrings
I loved the glam feel/style of these earrings and Candy created a custom pair with my initials on them! And she is offering the same offer to YOU, you can have your very own pair of customized initial earrings!

Personalized guitar pick earrings - you can get your own pair!

These are so quirky! Definitely a conversation starter.

Mustache earrings

Red is one of my favorite colors to wear. These glam earrings are available in many other colors.

Glam Candied Guitar Pick Earrings

Shine Candy & Co also offers sugar lip scrub and tangerine bath bombs!

Tangerine Kiss Sugar Lip Scrub

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Anonymous said...

Super cute earrings! That scrub looks yum too. I like that it's natural and made of sugar.