Saturday, March 26, 2011

What The Rock? shop review

I love rock n' roll music, and I love jewelry. So when you put the two together, naturally it would catch my attention! Allow me to introduce you to What The Rock?, a cute etsy shop I found that features fun and fashionable accessories inspired by rock n' roll music and anything bad ass.

I love Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit, but Betty Boop is the original animated sex symbol!

I'm obsessed with guitar pick jewelry, I think it's so creative to make hip and edgy jewelry with guitar picks. Sporting guitar pick earrings or necklace will earn you instant 'bad ass' points.

This is perfect for any Beatles fan!

I love anything with animal print. It's so chic and fashionably classic; everybody loves a little bit of zebra or leopard print! So you can imagine how awesome I think these zebra print earrings are. Most people tend to wear animal prints on their clothing, so it's always cool (and maybe even a little bit unexpected) to wear them on guitar pick earrings. 

Seriously, how awesome are these?! I have never solved a Rubik's Cube before, but this necklace makes me want to try!

Or what about the Nightmare Before Christmas fan?

This is a real working harmonica...on a necklace! Instant bad ass points.

"Ooh look out, you rock n' rollers!" - David Bowie, Changes

Check out What The Rock?

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