Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Derma Roller Micro Needle review

What is the Derma Roller Micro Needle, you ask? Good question! It's a super snazzy little contraption that is used by skincare professionals, and you can even use it from home. It's basically a small roller with fine micro needles. It's meant to be rolled over the face, it leaves small microscopic pinholes in your skin's dermal surface. What would you want to do that, you ask? It helps your skin absorb nutrients and moisturizers, helping to improve skin texture and skin health. The process is called "skin needling" and is safe and easy to use when used properly. Here are some of the great things about the Micro Needle:

"Research has demonstrated that the effectiveness of the active ingredients in topically applied skin care products (such as Vitamin A and C) is greatly improved when an intervention allows those ingredients to reach below the outer surface of the skin."

"Rollers are proven to increase the absorption of the active ingredients in creams, lotions, and serums by up to 1000%."

"Rollers create thousands of micro-channels in the skin that allow nutrients to absorb; the channels close after several minutes, locking in the anti-aging nutrients and anti-oxidants."

"Skin Rollers stimulate collagen growth that results in the improvement of the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks."
Micro needle therapy is used in Europe and is making it's way to the states. It's also been featured in Elle Magazine. I recently got to try it, and it's pretty easy to use! The needles are very small, so it isn't leaving real visible "pokes" in your skin like you may be imagining.  There are different needle lengths, all of which work to help the skin in different ways. For example, the 0.2 mm Micro Needle helps to improve product absorption, and helps improve skin's texture. The 0.5 mm Micro Needle is great for anti-aging benefits, acne scars, and even some other scars. 1.0 and 1.5 mm Micro Needles helps to reduce deep scarring and stretch marks, and cellulite. The needles are sterile, and shouldn't be shared, obviously. The process can be done twice weekly also. 
I thought it was an easy way to help improve my skin, and it's unique in it's application. It's painless! You might notice after using it that when you apply product to your skin, your skin slightly tingles or feels like it's truly absorbing the product. Each needle roller costs $28. Check out the entire line of Micro Needles at


Anonymous said...

hello there,

i have recently place an order on the site But just after, i have read complaints about that site saying it is a fraud, a scam & that they do not send their products.
SInce you are featuring their site, can you tell if it safe to order in this site? Have you tried and were satisfied of their service?

msbritt said...

I just ordered one and I received it in 2 days with no problems. Hope that helps :-)

Anonymous said...

I did not order a roller from skinmedix, but I have ordered Other product with No problem.