Saturday, July 30, 2011

Erica Anenberg Love is Blind Ring

Erica Anenberg creates beautiful jewelry utilizing fun and unique designs with classic mediums like gold and silver.  Fashionistas and celebs alike both fall in love with her pieces. Her collection of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces have been seen on Katy Perry, Pink, and more. I like her collection of braille rings, and recently got the Love is Blind Braille Ring. It comes in either Silver (pictured above) or Gold (which I got, pictured below) and features a Love Is Blind inscription on the inner band and then spells it out in Braille on the outside of the band. Beautiful and unique!

The ring also comes with a pretty gold metallic drawstring bag for storage. I think Braille is really pretty to look at even though I don't know how to read it, so when I saw the combination of English written paired with the Braille detail I was smitten with this ring. The gold is really pretty and you can clearly read the inner inscription, though while the ring is being worn only the braille shows which I think is cute because it can be felt (and read by those who read Braille).

I also really like these other Erica Anenberg pieces:

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You can check out the entire collection of Erica's jewelry at or you can follow her on Twitter @ericaanenberg and Facebook.

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