Sunday, July 31, 2011

Violet Gum Drop Bestie Buds PB&J Best Friends Necklace

How adorable are these best friend necklaces? Best friends necklaces have come a long way from little hearts that were popular back in the day. These days fun bestie necklaces are available to showcase just how great you and your bff go together! I recently got this handmade Peanut Butter and Jelly Best Friends Necklace for me and my best friend Ashley. The necklace comes in a set, one necklace features a large Peanut Butter sandwich half and a little Jelly half, while the other necklace comes with a large Jelly half and a small Peanut Butter half. Cute, right? You and your bff go together like PB&J, so your necklaces might as well too! These pendants are hand made from polymer clay, they're pretty sturdy, totally adorable, and super affordable at only $19.95 for the set! They also have other BFF sets like...

Milk & Cookies Best Friend Necklaces

Cake & Ice Cream Best Friend Necklaces

Adorable huh?? You find can these necklaces and other cute accessories at Violet Gum Drop! I love the name of the shop, and they carry jewelry, handbags, tanktops and more. They even have these cute Best Friends Hats:

Burger and Fries Bestie Hats

So cute, and all original Violet Gum Drop products! Check out to see what other goodies are in stock. You can also check out the Violet Gum Drop blog, follow @VioletGumDrop on Twitter, or Like Violet Gum Drop on Facebook.

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Candy Arrangements said...

These are so cuteeeeee. I enjoy the cake and candy ones the most :)

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The Candy Chef