Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dune Jewelry

I love all things beach and ocean and sand. I recently saw this gorgeous line of keepsake jewelry from Dune Jewelry, that allows you to have a piece of jewelry custom made with sand from the beach of your choice! You can send in your own sand from your favorite beach, or choose from a list of beaches that they already have sand from. Awesome idea for a couple that gets married on a beach, and wants to use some of the sand from that way and turn it into a wearable memory to cherish. They offer a variety of different designs, as well as different necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. I got a gorgeous Sandglobe Necklace filled with sand from one of the best surf spots in the US...North Shore, Oahu Hawaii! The sand is protected by a glass-like finish that creates a dome over the sand. The sand shows on both sides, and is surounded by a band of sterling silver. It's so pretty!

The jewelry comes in a recycled cardboard gift box, and it comes with a little card inside that tells you where the sand came from (in case you purchase the item as a gift for someone!). The necklace is even nicer than I was expecting! It's such a lovely piece, and can be worn dressed up or down. It's very well made, I can't wait to wear it to the beach! An awesome gift for a surfer, swimmer, or just anyone who loves the beach. A wonderful wedding keepsake, or bridesmaid gift too! This necklace only cost $52, which is a great deal for sterling silver and custom chosen sand of my choice! If you already have sand from your local beach, or a vacation, they will gladly take the sand after you send it to them and create your custom piece. If you don't have sand, or you'd like a piece made from sand from a beach you don't have access to, check out their beach list! They have a lot of beaches from all over the world already in their supply.

I also like these earrings that they have:

This Sandbar necklace comes on a leather cord and could be unisex!

You can check out the entire line of wonderful custom sand jewelry at, they offer great customer service and fast shipping as well!

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