Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LUSH Fresh Farmacy Face Cleanser

I adore the fresh handmade cosmetics from LUSH. Their soaps and cleansers are awesome. One of my favorite facial cleansers from their line of bath and body products is LUSH Fresh Farmacy. This soap is great for sensitive skin! I have some facial redness, and this soap is chock full of calamine, which helps calm and sooth skin. It's also mild enough for all skin types, and it doesn't leave my face dried out like other facial soaps can. The soap comes wrapped in LUSH packaging, and the soap itself can be used as a bar soap that you rub between your hands to create a lather, or it can be cut up into smaller pieces that you can use for facial cleansing.

I like to use this soap with a Clarisonic face brush! The formula creates a nice lather on the brush, and it produces a nice amount of foam as well. This soap also has chamomile in it, which is known for it's calming effect. It contains various oils, including lavender. The soap has a light scent that is appealing, and the soap it itself is a light pink color. The cleanser does contain SLS, for those who steer clear of products with that additive. I do really like this cleanser, because it works well on my skin, and it's gentle enough for every day use. You can find LUSH Fresh Farmacy Facial Cleanser at LUSHusa.com - if you're not in the USA, check out LUSH.com!

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