Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: DM Designs Jewelry by Doron Merav

A few months ago I found this wonderful jeweler on Etsy, that creates gorgeous silver and gold jewelry in a variety of gorgeous textures and styles. Doron Merav, has been creating jewelry for most of his life. He resides in Israel, and has been working with metals and creating jewelry since he was a young boy. His styles are modern and gorgeous, using different shapes and styles to create pieces that are more like wearable art! He creates pretty rings, necklaces, and even makes custom designs that are both beautiful and make great gifts as well. Doron was nice enough to custom create a gorgeous necklace for my mother! He created a sterling silver pendant engraved with my name and my sister's naem, along with our birthstones. The Hands in the Sand Pendant is truly a wonderfully made piece of jewelry. The silver has some weight to it, and this is far from a filmsy or cheap piece. Doron's work is very high quality, and each piece is made with a lot of patience and time. He can make the pendant in gold, silver, or gold plated. He can add one or two names of your choice, and he can even add small birthstones next to each name. So unique and one of a kind!

Each piece of jewelry comes in a sweet wooden gift box! I really love the packaging, because it's sustainable and is very eco-friendly, as you can re-use the box, and there isn't any plastic or both packaging to throw away. The box is perfect for gift-giving also. My mom really loved the necklace, and people asked about it also, because of the unique look of the piece. The pendant is meant to look like hands in sand, and it's such a lovely piece.

Doron is very talented at creating jewelry, and his prices are fantastic also. I've seen a lot of gold plated and silver plated jewelry and even brass jewelry online go for very high prices, even from certain high-end brands, and it confuses me why anyone would want to spend so much money on costume jewelry when they could buy a piece of quality jewelry that is handmade. I would rather spend money on a piece that can be cherished for a long time to come.

Here are a few other pieces from Dorono that I really like:

14K Gold Horse Pendant - $190
Parched Earth Sterling and Zircon Ring - $120
Light Beam Gold and Turquoise Earrings - $100
Silver Acorn Sterling Silver and Tahitian Pearl Pendant - $110
Soar Sterling Silver Stud Earrings - $85
Personalized Stamped Pendant - $100

Doron is also a sculptor and knows a lot about shapes and architecture, so a lot of his designs fuse both beauty and nature with modern shapes and prints. You can check out Doron's Etsy shop DM Designs to see his full collection:


Mehmona Ruby said...

ohh wow lovely, awesome ,what a beautiful and unique designs ,
women love cosmetics and jewelry , so both are the great gifts

Eran Ezra said...

Amazing work