Friday, December 30, 2011

OttLite Natural Makeup Mirror

I love putting my makeup on in natural sunlight so that I can see the true colors and how it will look when I am out and about. Thats not always an option though, so when I found this super cute makeup mirror that has a natural makeup light, I was thrilled! The OttLite Natural Makeup Mirror is pretty, it's pink, and it's multi-functional! The mirror also comes in blue, black, and white color for thos who aren't a fan of the pink. The base of the mirror has a slightly swirled detailed design, and it features a one-click button. One click of the button turns the natural light on to give you a natural way to apply makeup without the use of natural light from outside. I have this one my makeup table, and it's awesome! I love all things pink, so to find a makeup mirror in this color was a plus. I also like the design and style of the mirror, it's stylish and modern. The lighted sides on the mirror really help to give an accurate view of your makeup and application.

The mirror is double sided, one featuring a standard mirror, and the other side features a magnified view. The magnified view is perfect for tweezing eyebrows and applying faux eyelashes! I aso love the sturdy design of the mirror, and the ease of turning the double sided mirror. The mirror stays in place, and the natural lights are on both sides of the mirror for even lighting. This is the first makeup mirror that I've really liked using in awhile, so I love the magnifying features of the double sided mirror. It offers a nice close-up view for foundation application, and even offers a great light for airbrush makeup application! This mirror is fabulous when used as you apply your makeup using the TEMPTU airbrush system. This is definitely a really cool makeup mirror for anyone who is looking for a pretty and affordable new lighted makeup mirror. It retails for $99 and is available at Jo-Ann, HSN, and at, right now it's on sale at for $69.99! Highly recommended for all of my beauty fanatics! :)

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