Monday, March 12, 2012


I recently heard about this jewelry collection called BambooPink, which offers a variety of rings, necklaces, and earrings. They have a fun versatile earring idea, where they sell various colors and shapes or hoop earrings, and then sell various colors and styles of charms. You can slide any charm onto any earring hoop, and voila! A cool new pair of earrings, that you can change up with different charms to fit your style for the day.

The packaging is awesome and eco-friendly too. Each pieces comes in a reusable pink tulle pouch, and it all comes wrapped in a pink/black striped cardboard BambooPink box! I got two of their cute leather bracelets, a black and a pink Madrid Leather Cuff.

I also got a few different sizes of their hoops and a variety of BambooPink charms, like the two pictured above. Cute! I like that I can change up the charms, so I could make one pair of hoops last me all week, just switching out a different charm each day for a new look! You can find a variety of fun jewelry pieces and check out the entire collection at!

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Paint Me A Love Story said...

Those leather bracelets look super cute! :)