Monday, March 5, 2012

Gemma Lister jewelry

Gemma Lister, UK jewelry designer, makes some super cute collar necklaces that are perfect for Spring/Summer 2012. I adore this pink sequin collar that can dress up any outfit, or be worn with a pretty dress for a night out on the town, you can also layer the collar over a blouse to create a collared shirt effect. So cute!

Gemma also creates really fun jewelry pieces such as her best-selling Square ring that fits over your finger diagonally to create a fun 3D effect. The ring is sterling silver base with gold plating. I recently got this ring and it's gotten me a lot of compliments!

This is a photo from British by Design that shows how the ring fits on your finger:

Really cute, huh? Gemma makes all sorts of fun and girly accessories that will be fabulous for the upcoming warmer months! Check out Gemma's full line of jewelry at, or like  Gemma Lister on Facebook. She also has a blog at

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