Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kzenyia Bags: Sharp Clutch & Wild Clutch

I recently saw a few gorgeous bags and wallets from a fashion designer Kzeniya. Her gorgeous bags are the talk of the town in Hollywood, and I've seen them all over the internet too. Kzeniya was born in Ukraine and then moved to London to pursue her love of fashion by studying at London's St. Martin's College. She has even worked for Alexander McQueen! Kzeniya has an eye for style and she really hows to to merge unique designs and shapes and bold colors to create stunning bags that are both eye-catching and fun.

I recently got a Kzeniya Sharp Clutch and a Kzeniya Wild Clutch. Both clutch bags are really fun and unique. Sharp is a fun clutch with an asymmetrical top flap closure, while the bag is made of leather and treated with a special holographic print. It's bold and so fun! Wild is a really gorgeous envelope clutch bag that features a black and white design and has black and white printed chains on both sides. Each bag comes in a black dustbag for safe keeping.

Kzeniya dust bag covers

Kzeniya Sharp Clutch in Black/Silver Hologram

Kzenyia card that comes in each bag

Kzeniya Wild Clutch - Black/White w/ Chains

Inside of the Kzeniya Wild Clutch

Kzeniya's pieces are all so pretty, definitely the type of bags that will get you noticed. Jennifer Lopez was spotted with Kzeniya's Asymmetrical Clutch recently, and Elizabeth Banks was spotted with the Kzeniya Wild Clutch in Black. I love so many of her designs, and hope to add more Kzeniya pieces to my wardrobe in the future! Here are a few of my other pieces from her collection:

Kzeniya Ai wallet

Kzeniya Sharp Clutch in Gold

Kzeniya Asymmetrical Clutch in Black

You can see the entire collection of bags at! You can also like Kzenyia on Facebook or check out the Kzeniya blog for celebs wearing Kzeniya.

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