Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Swatch My Collection [Part II]: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills and eyebrows are pretty much synonymous in the beauty industry. Lately, the brand has made waves by introducing highly coveted contour palettes and liquid lipsticks. I haven't gotten around to trying the contour palette (yet!), but I'm a huge fan of the liquid lipsticks. I managed to snag a few at the initial launch on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, and a few more from the Spring/Summer launch.

I recommend coating your lips with Rosebud Salve (or any super moisturizing lip balm of your choice) while you do the rest of your makeup. Blot, leaving a thin veil of balm on your lips. Then, apply your color. You could also apply balm after your color if you prefer, although it might slightly compromise the matte finish.

Swatches were taken in artificial light with a flash on the camera. 

This was my first liquid lipstick from the brand I tried. The shimmer really sets it apart from other liquid lipsticks currently on the market. Currently, this shade is sold out at the official ABH website and Macy's. I highly recommend frequently checking both websites though for a re-stock. It's so worth it! On my lips, one layer gives me a shimmery medium to deep berry color. The color intensity is buildable to your liking.

This was the second liquid lipstick I tried. It's such a gorgeous purple! It's darker than other purple liquid lipsticks on the market currently, but it's still gorgeous. The matte finish is so beautiful. It's a really fun and vivid purple with a perfectly matte finish. I have several purple lipsticks, but this one is my favorite. This shade is in stock on the official ABH website, and in stock on Macy's as well. 

This shade tends to look different on everybody, based on what I've observed from fellow bloggers. It's a vivid medium berry pink on my lips, and I really love it. It's a super pretty color, and I think this would look beautiful on any skintone. Sadly, this shade is not in stock on the official ABH website or Macy's at the moment.

This is a beautiful shade of pink with a prominent blue shimmer. I love colors with an unexpected iridescence of blue/turquoise/purple/etc. It catches the light so beautifully. Anybody who loves pink lipsticks should give this color a try. Like I stated previously, shimmer is somewhat rare in a liquid lipstick formula - so this shade really stands out. Sugar Plum is currently in stock on the official ABH website.

I don't believe that one can ever have enough red lipstick - ever (regardless of the finish or texture). This is a beautiful blue-toned red that looks beautiful on both warm and cool toned bloggers/customers/makeup lovers. I bought this along with "Sugar Plum" for my birthday last Summer, and I'm very happy with it. Sarafine is currently in stock on the official ABH website.

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Amber said...

I love these colors, and the formula looks so smooth. I need that pink shade especially, so bright.