Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Truly outrageous Jem and The Holograms at Sephora!

I love seeing the new and super cute collections Sephora offers from their namesake brand to their exclusive brands Kat Von D and Bite Beauty! How adorable were the Disney Princess compacts that recently came out?! Even though I'm in my 20's, being a Disney Princess is still kind of one of my life goals. 

I was too young to watch Jem and The Holograms when the show originally aired, but my sister was a huge fan. In fact, when my parents were discussing baby names, my sister suggested naming me "Ashley" after her favorite character on the show! 

My namesake, Ashley.

 Onto the collection!
This set features four opaque matte shades and a shimmery shade that would make an awesome top coat for any of the other shades or on its own. I'm majorly crushing on the pinks and the purple in this set!
This palette features 24 bright and vivid shades to create a outrageously bold eye look. While I love neutral eyeshadows as much as the next girl, I'm also a huge fan of brights so I'm glad that Sephora treated us to the really fun and vivid shades in this palette.

When these promo images were first released, a friend of mine sent me the link to the photos in all caps conveying her excitement for this collection. Of course I saw the images already though, because what kind of hot pink lipstick lover would I be if I didn't constantly seek out new formulas and finishes of the shades I love?
 I love cute compact mirrors (hello, Sephora's Disney Princess collection!), so this naturally caught my eye. However; when I noticed the "out of stock" notification, I was like:



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Amber said...

Love this! Such a fun post. I want that lippie!