Thursday, October 29, 2015

Swatch My Collection [Part III: Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks- Sephora Collection]

Sephora's house brand is exceptional. I really love the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. Last January, I saw four gorgeous swatches of upcoming metallic liquid lipsticks. I'm still waiting on those beauties! Hopefully there will be a Holiday release? I need them like yesterday! 

 All swatches were taken (without lipliner) in artificial light with a flash. Like all liquid lipsticks currently on the market, a coat of lip balm before or after would suffice to combat any dryness you may encounter. I prefer to coat my lips in Rosebud Salve first, blot any excess product, and then apply color.

(warm rose)
This coral pink is such a gorgeous shade. I tend to love my corals with a pink undertone, so this kind of shade is exactly the kind of coral that I gravitate to. I was so impressed by the first shades I previously ordered, that I immediately placed another order for even more shades. 

(vivid hot pink)
The color description for this shade is definitely on point. The strong blue undertone is so striking and contrasts so nicely on many different skintones. It's the perfect Barbie pink with that matte finish that I can't get enough of.

(dark reddish fuchsia)
I love how this shade is the perfect mix of red and bright pink. It's such a face brightening shade, and I think this color would instantly perk up any complexion. This shade is so pretty and tropical. It makes me think of Summer! I think Bachelorette would look beautiful in Spring/Summer, but it could also warm up even the chilliest of Fall and Winter months.

(bright crimson)
Out of the two original reds (Underage Red and Outlaw, also reviewed in this post), this one tends to lean on the cooler side rather than the warmer Outlaw. Does any red even need an explanation? Red lipstick is always glam, whether it's in a tube or in liquid lipstick form.

(brick red)
This alternative to Underage Red is warmer, but certainly no less pretty or flattering. There is a red for everyone in this line. Since the original launch, there have been several new additions - including a few new reds, giving even more options!

(deep raspberry)
This was the first shade I tried from the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, and I immediately bought a bunch of shades after my first swatch. I'm so impressed by this color and the velvety finish that all KVD liquid lipsticks share. This shade tends to look a bit more berry in natural light/outdoors, but photographs slightly pinker in artificial light.

(rich violet)
I was so in love with the pretty purple swatch I saw on the Sephora website, but it had the dreaded "out of stock" next to the product name. I decided to check eBay because I needed that purple on my lips immediately; and on eBay, I snagged one for myself. It was out of stock for several more weeks, but when it came back, I bought another two. The swatch shows a bit of a sheen in the photo, but it actually dries very matte. I probably should have waited a bit before taking the photo, but patience is just not my forte when it comes to makeup.

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