Friday, October 30, 2015

M.A.C Lip Pencil in "Auburn" [review and swatches]

For years, I overlooked M.A.C "Auburn" lip pencil. Recently while feeling nostalgic for the 90's, I decided to look through the M.A.C website for a color that was reminiscent of the era. Even though I was a little kid during the 90's, I always stalked my older sister and her taste in movies, music, fashion, etc. I have always loved the 90's aesthetic. 
"Auburn" caught my attention this time. I immediately took to Google to look for reviews. Like most beauty addicts, I'm eager to see swatches and hear different opinions on products I'm interested in. Sadly, I couldn't find as many reviews than I would have if I did a search for "Cherry" or "Nightmoth". It seemed like others were possibly over-looking "Auburn" as well. I decided to take a chance, and bought it around my birthday. 

Swatches taken in artificial light with flash. Lips were lined and filled in with pencil only. 

(intense reddish-orange brown)
 I'm so glad that I finally gave this shade a try! I regret not trying "Auburn" sooner. It's unlike any other lip liner I currently own. It's an earthy mix of red/orange/brown that is reminiscent of the 90's aesthetic, but also modern enough to rock in 2015. It contrasts nicely with my skin, and flatters my copper-red hair nicely. I sometimes put this lip liner on with no other makeup, simply because I really love the color on.


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