Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cargo Cosmetics review

I am a huge fan of Cargo anyway, so the new Blu_ray collection definitely caught my eye. The products are formulated for high definition film and photography, but the products also give you the airbrushed look that is so sought after by fellow makeup junkies. I'm reviewing two of their products:


I used this product in shade '01'. It glides on with ease and blends into your natural skin tone flawlessly. I used it to cover dark circles, and redness (caused by my thyroid condition). So anything that can help me in that department is A+ in my book.

Blu_ray Blush/Highlighter

This is a beautiful color. I love it. It looks very light when you first open the package, but it goes on a bit darker. The photochromatic pigments adjust with the lighting in the room to create the look of a soft and airbrushed complexion. I love love love this. This has earned its place as a staple in my makeup bag.

Great job as always, Cargo!