Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mama Mio product review

Mama Mio is a skincare line generally marketed towards pregnant women. Although you don't have to be expecting to enjoy the luxurious products if you feel like pampering your skin. Mama Mio has everything from body creams to relaxing candles to other formulas to help you with areas like the 'twins' and your rump!

I'm reviewing Mama Mio's super-rich body cream. This cream has received accolades in magazines like "People" and "OK!" just to name a few. The cream was featured in People Magazine's "2006 Mother's Day Gift Guide". The smell is pleasant, there is not one trace of foul smelling chemicals, and it glides on so easily. It can be used anytime. It's a very versatile body cream. I would highly recommend this to anybody who could use a little bit more moisture in their skin!

I'm also reviewing Mama Mio's "Boob Tube". Every woman knows that eventually one day, the 'twins' will eventually head south. With this product, you can help defy the eventual gravity that every woman will unfortunately have to face. Celebrities like Mariska Hargitay and Rachel Weisz are said to be "gaga" over this product (US Weekly). I started using it about 3 days ago, and I could see a bit of a difference. I will be sure to update occasionally into my "boob-lifting" journey.
"After 3 days my boobs felt firmer and perkier – a truly miracle product!! 10/10" -OK! Magazine

Be sure to check out Mama Mio!



Makeup by ReRe said...

Let me know how the boob tube works after about a month or so, I would definitely try that!

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Susan "Breast Enhancer Pills" Adams said...

Yes, do that. I also want to know if it works. I am a mom with two kids and my boobs weren't on the right place.