Saturday, February 21, 2009

City Cosmetics Review

So City Cosmetics sent me these lovely lip plumpers to try out. I have tried all kinds of -low end and high end- lip plumpers (Too Faced Lip Injection, DuWop Lip Venom, and Lip Fusion to name a few). Although I am very content with my decently full lip size, I can't help but try to channel Ms. Angelina Jolie from time to time.

I love these. The smell isn't off-putting, they don't sting, and they don't turn your lips a weird shade of reddish pink that screams ALLERGIC REACTION!

The colors are sheer, but gorgeous. My favorites are South Peach, Clear, and Sun Diego.

Here are some pictures of a City Cosmetic customer before applying CityLips, 10 minutes after application, and 30 days of regular application.
Note: These are not my lips, I got the pictures from the City Cosmetics official website.


After 10 minutes

After 30 days of regular use

Pretty cool, huh? Want to try it out for yourself? Of course you do!

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Rai said...

Wow it works! That's crazy.